Kelly with H logo stamped on feet

  1. Hello everyone!

    Does anyone know if H ever made Kelly bags that have the H logo stamped on the bottom of the feet? I've been trying to get information on this through the reference guides and also the "authenticate this" thread but it seems that with so many eBay auctions being posted there my post with this question got a bit snowed under. I really hope someone can tell me something about this! Thanks so much!
  2. Do you have such a bag? Or have you seen one?

    If so, what is the blindstamp for the year bag was made?
  3. I'm considering buying one. I have received some pictures of the bag that I wish I could post in the "Authenticate this..." thread, but they're in a Word document and I'm not sure how to detach them in order to post them (it's not an eBay auction). From what I know about Hermes bags (which admittedly isn't all that much) and from research, it looks pretty good so far, but the H stamp on the feet has me puzzled as I haven't seen that before. I have yet to see a picture of the blindstamp. Any help is much appreciated - thanks so much!
  4. The feet on Kelly bags are not stamped with anything.

    Not sure about vintage Kellys ......