Kelly with a canvas shoulder strap?

  1. Do you wear your Kelly with a canvas shoulder strap? How about if it is a dressy leather like black box (sellier 28), for example? please post pix. I'd love to see how it looks!
  2. Renee Zellweger wears her croc Kelly with a canvas strap and looks fabulous. I would like to have one for my Kelly too but unfortunately it won't turn me into Renee.
    reneezelwegger2.jpg reneezelwegger.jpg
  3. Oh, this pic of Renee makes me :drool:

  4. Will they match the leather at the bottom of the canvas or are they all black? Is this something you have to go in to order?
  5. You can special order it. I've seen several on eBay and Portero. But I think its better if you order from H b/c then you can specify the hardware, length and color. Its called Bandouliere Soupplement. (hope I spelled right)
  6. Thanks so much Diana Grace. Those are great pix. Love them!
    Purse, do you know how much the strap runs? does it take long to get?
  7. [​IMG]

    This is fabulous.:tup:
  8. Oooh thanks!
  9. luxury zurich have a bunch of these straps last time i checked
  10. My SA said that she might be able to special order me a longer strap (in the narrow matching leather) so I could wear my Kelly across my body. I think I would prefer that to the wide canvas strap. I definitely intend to do this at some point - very helpful to be able to "wear" my bag at the airport etc.
  11. I ordered an extra length canvas strap last spring and just got it in the mail, last Friday. It's 120 cm meant for my BJ 35 and I absolutely love how it sits just below/around my hip bone. It's like getting a new bag! I've been meaning to post pics but I got hit with the flu this weekend and I've been in pyjamas since, that is far from picture perfect, lol.
  12. I have ordered one. The boutique sent my original the leather ends would match...and it's the length I want. I am it's really long. Also, I want it to wear messanger style. It's taking a while...but hopefully, not too much longer. For reference my bag is blue jean togo...paladium and it's a 32. (I think)
  13. Hey RC,

    There are a couple of good threads on this subject -- I'm pasting one below for you. I *hope* to get my first Kelly this year and would love to get a a canvas strap as well for it, so I plan to have the research ready and available. Please tell us what you decide!
  14. Golden's Mom, did you order the canvas strap or just a longer version of the narrow leather strap that comes with the bag? If that is what you ordered, how much was it?
  15. Rocker, I hate to constantly sound like your drooling stalker rockerFan, but I think that would look great on you!!!