Kelly - what goes inside?

  1. I tried a couple of kellys today and am smitten. One was white and on hold the other was orange and not a good first for me. It got me to thinking. I usually can be found toting one of my birkins (35cm) which is quite loaded thanks to everyone showing off their accessories that I have to have (you get the idea).
    Anyway, I thought that it would be helpful to me and maybe others to know what you pfers who have kellys can fit in the various sizes. I was looking at 32s and 35s.
  2. I'll do a pic for you tomorrow, SUS. The 32 Kelly holds less than the B35, but I found that I could never stuff the Birkin to capacity and actually carry it comfortably. Too heavy. The 32 Kelly holds all of my essentials and also a bottle of water or umbrella if need be.
  3. Here is what fits in my Kelly (32 cm). In addition, I also have a small umbrella and my Chanel wallet in it.


    rs6a.jpg fam1.jpg
  4. ^^ You're so organised, Rose!
  5. ^^ All thanks to Pazt's rainbow thread!
  6. OMG Rose that is so pretty!! Love the keyholder and karo!!
  7. Thanks Greentea. A picture would be fab.

    Rose, thanks for your snapshots (and gorgeous rainbow at that). Is your agenda(?) violet?? It seems lighter than my violet clarisse.
  8. The color of my agenda is called cyclamen which I do think is a bit lighter than violet.
  9. NOw I can't post my inside pic because Rose's is so fab! You guys are seriously going to laugh at my stuff!!!
  10. Not at all Greentea. Anything helps.
  11. If you are used to a 35 Birkin then you might like a 35 Kelly retourne. It is a sportier bag in that size IMO and I don't think you would be sorry with it. I wouldn't suggest the sellier 35 Kelly at all. The 32 holds quite a bit also, but if you are loading it up...Wouldn't want to think of you overloading the 32. You just might have to get your hands on one and start putting your things inside and that's the only way you'll know.

  12. OMG! :wtf: It's freaking GORGEOUS in there!!!!! I was going to post the inside of my Olive way!!!!! It's all a jumbled mess of everything BUT Hermes!!!!!

    um....but when I was in Alaska last week I was able to fit my folding umbrella, Chanel compact wallet, cellphone, agenda, makeup bag, scarf and camera inside my 28cm. :yes:
  13. ^^^ Yes, I usually have my camera and cell in there too!
  14. I am able to hold my doggon wallet (compact), LV keypouch, Agenda GM, N73 Cellphone, shoulder strap, Compact powder, blusher, lipstick, perfume sample, tissue, candy, elastic band (for hair) all into a Kelly 32 with the help of a medium chameleon liner :flowers:
  15. you girls must have little umbrellas!!