Kelly watch owners question...

  1. I love the look of the Kelly watch but I'm wondering if it looks scratched up once you wear it for awhile? Could some Kelly watch owners comment on this?

    I'm thinking of getting myself a watch and so far its between the Kelly, a Medor with a red or black croc strap, or a Cartier tank with a croc strap. I need to be able to wear it to work, so I think a Medor would work as long as it isn't too 'punk.'

  2. Which watch are you talking about? The Kelly with the dangly watch bit or the Kelly II which looks like the hardware of the bag and lays flat against the wrist?
  3. Sorry the dangling one. I haven't seen the other one yer.
  4. The dangling one will scratch the minute you wear it. Hey, I love boxcalf, so I'm used to scratches.
  5. It has scratched a little with wear but I still love it and get tons of compliments on it.
  6. I have the Medor and the Kelly and wear neither for work. Have to wash my hands too much during the day for either. I think the dangle of the Kelly will be too much for a work watch and depending upon what you do at work and the type of work environment, the Medor could be iffy. Have you thought of a H-hour with a leather band or metal band? Very good daytime watch stylewise. The Kelly II would work as would a Cape Cod with double strap.
  7. My kelly watch (dangling one) didn't stand a chance! I tried to be the most careful but it was impossible. IT got scratched the minute I wore it!
  8. I would say Cartier tank watch w/ croc strap! Gorgeous & fairly durable! I have no experience w/ the Hermes watches but in my experience w/ Cartier I have been VERY happy!
  9. I had two several years ago. Loved them on my Kelly or Birkin, but did not enjoy it on my wrist. Didn't like the movement. But that's just me, I can't even wear earrings that dangle !
  10. I'd go for a Cartier tank w/ croc strap. I used this as my work watch for years and it was perfect.
    Now I don't use it much but it's only because it reminds me of work!
  11. I'm a big fan of cartier for watches and that's more their specialty than hermes, so I vote for the cartier watch. I've always loved the dangling kelly watch too but am afraid it would drive me bonkers with all the swinging, lol.

    Anybody have pics of the kelly II watch? That sounds divine!:drool:
  12. Thanks for the input. I'm an attorney and I work in fiance - so perhaps Cartier is better but I just think a Medor with a red or croc strap could work too since the rest of my outfits are so conservative. I think I might feel bad scratching up the Kelly watch but its too cute!
  13. I tried on the Kelly watch and the dangling thing drove me crazy. It also didn't look very good on my (very small) wrist.