Kelly Watch: Mix N' Match Help Please

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  1. Ok, as you all know by now I have NO fashion sense whatsoever (I'm not exaggerating). Although I'm a pretty decent artist (as in drawing), I suck at putting wardrobes together. Here's the reason for my post, I'm thinking of getting several of those Kelly watches because I find them versatile and their watch straps are the only thing that resembles a bracelet that actually fits me (everything else Hermes has is too big on my wrist). However, I need some help in coordinating colors with the watches. I'll list the choices below, please put in your suggestions on WHICH watch (dial and hardware) will go well with which color straps.

    Black Dial Gold H/W
    Black Dial Silver H/W
    Gold Dial Gold H/W
    White Dial Silver H/W

    Fuchsia Croc
    Rose Pink Croc
    Sapphire Blue Ostrich
    Black Lizard
    Rouge H Croc

    Please match the strap with the watch that you think will work. Please feel free to match one strap to more than one watch. Please also feel free to throw in more color straps into the mix. TIA.:flowers:
  2. Black dial with EITHER gold or silver HW, black lizard

    Gold Dial, Gold HW - Rouge H croc

    White Dial, Silver HW, Sapphire ostrich
    Gold dial, gold HW. sapphire ostrich
    gold or white dial, any pink croc
  3. Thanks Greentea!!!

    I plan on getting a fuchsia ostrich strap with gold hardware, do you think that can work with black dial gold h/w or do you think it would look tacky? Which combo would work better? Also, what can work with black dial gold h/w?

    Last but not least, my SA suggested rose pink croc (which is light pink close to mauve) with silver hardware and matching it with black dial w/ silver hardware. I'm thinking about doing that but without the actual strap and watch in front of me, I cannot tell whether it will go well on my skin
  4. On my way to introduce myself, I'll throw in my two cents for my love of the kelly watch!! I have a silver kelly and both a green and a cognac with silver straps - not sure you could even make a Tacky Kelly!! Any of the the pinks with the silver sounds dreamy...yum!
    I digress. I'm new here and trying to have time to introduce myself properly, but keep getting sideswiped; that's an introduction for you: easily distracted by forum posts about shiny stuff, and, I love my Silver Kelly Watch!
  5. This might be too boring but I'd do
    (1) Blue ostrich, gold/gold dial
    (2) Gold croc, gold/gold dial
    (3) Black croc, gold/black dial

    How about something like
    rose pink croc strap with gold hardware for the strap
    silver for the body of the watch + gold face?
    (I have a watch with white gold and yellow gold combination and I love it because I can wear it with any clothes, any jewelry)
  6. black lizard strap, black dial gold hw
    fuschia croc, gold* dial gold hw

    *gold, or mother of pearl if it exists....
  7. White Dial, silver H/w with any of these:

    Sapphire Blue Ostrich
    Black Lizard
    Rouge H Croc
  8. You ladies have been totally awesome!! Now I think I may have to get all the straps - my SA will probably be happy about that:yahoo: Ok, here's the thing, I have two watches right now: Gold Dial w/ Gold hardware and Black Dial w/ Gold Hardware. If I have to get rid of one, which one should I get rid of?
  9. black with gold
  10. Welcome to the forum Nauga! I know someone who's gonna freak when they see your avatar!!! :graucho:
  11. Sorry, Kou
    I would go for Fushia Croc with Gold!
  12. Hmmm... this is an interesting project. Here goes:
    • Black Dial Silver H/W paired w/ Sapphire Blue Ostrich or Black Lizard
    • Black Dial Gold H/W paired w/ Black Lizard
    • White Dial Silver H/W paired w/ Fuchsia Croc or Rose Pink Croc
    • Gold Dial Gold H/W paired w/ Black Lizard or Rouge H Croc
  13. :yes: :yahoo: this combo!!!