Kelly Wallet

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  1. Does anyone know how much the kelly wallet in Crocodile or alligator is in either GBP or Euros? TIA
  2. in my case 4,700 usd i think i have to check the exact conversion but yes im sure around 5,000 its pink croc niloticus divine ill post pictures in my albums
  3. Oh thanks birkel, I'll look forward to seeing them
  4. That make it about the same price as lizard then, I thought croc would be more expensive
  5. mine is red shiny croc kelly long wallet for ~10,000 usd.
  6. ^^ Agree. The croc kelly long wallet is about $10K USD. Lizard is about half of that...
  7. Wow, where did you get it? Pink croc! Love to see photos.
  8. with my usual source but im sure i did not pay over 5,000 even though mexico did go under a price ajustment because they were under the ususal price range, im pretty sure of this i got a 30cm birkin, in raisin togo, the croc kelly wallet, and an embroided shawl, and a few riding equipment pieces. i still have the recipt so ill check because i ususally pay in pesos, it might have been over this price but still ..... it would be way under but ill double check if this is the case then . but wait something is off im sure that there is one of theese pieces that i payed arround 5,000 for ill check and come back
  9. the croc ones really are TDF
  10. I ordered one last year which should be here in May.
    The one on display was around 6500euros when I ordered so will be more now(price increase was in jan).
  11. I have one in lizard which was £3480, thats why I wondered how much extra the croc was. I'd love to order one in Bleu Marine
  12. When the croc kelly wallet came out in 2007-2008, the matte ones are almost $9K with taxes. They are currently about $10K which is in line with price increases over the years.