Kelly Wallet - Twilly.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I just recently bought the Kelly wallet, and I was wondering whether a Twilly would wrap around the straps? I know it might be a bit long... I wouldn't be adverse the cutting one in half (If this is blasphemous - I'm sorry), but I was wondering whether it might be an idea?

    I tried to look up the dimensions of the scarf, but without having the wallet in front of me yet, I found it hard to estimate. Then I wondered whether any of you connoisseur's had already tried this approach?

    I also worried it might make the straps a touch bulky, and may stretch the leather - I plan on leaving them clasped, and then have the flap above them, for better access.

    If anyone has any ideas please let me know - or inspiration! Than would be absolutely amazing.

  2. do you mean a kelly wallet
    or something more like the kelly cut/clutch that has a handle on top?
  3. The actual wallet - like the bands that clasp over the lock, could I put a Twilly over those?

    If worse comes to worse, I could just use the twilly over the top as a mini handle.
  4. why would you want to do it? it seems to me handling your wallet would be a pain... sorry this might be not very helpful/encouraging
    if you want to use your wallet as a clutch/bag, some members here tried to do it and several abandoned the idea...
  5. What's your purpose or intention
    Twillies on wallet strap?
    I don't get this one
  6. It was just an idea. My intention was just to jazz up the straps a bit, break up the colour. Add a lovely Twilly.

    I was planning on putting the Twilly on the straps that wrap around the wallet, and clasp on the lock. It wasn't meant to hinder the use in any way, it was just an attempt to add a fun fit of colour to them. I was also just curious as to how the the actual Twillie's are, because it they're quite wide, and long then it would be too overwhelming for the small straps.
  7. they will be overwhelming indeed
  8. Try it out! I'm into the idea!
  9. Sorry but I really do not see how that would be possible with a Kelly Wallet :/ BUT I once tried making a shoulder strap from two twillies :biggrin: Maybe you can use it as a mini handbag/ WOC that way? Haha
  10. K wallet straps are pretty short.. I think twilly would be overwhelming and too bulky. Maybe knit little covers for them? :P
  11. I don't see how it would function. Maybe tie a bow with a twilly on one side to see if it looks nice/is fun.
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