Kelly Vs Birkins

  1. Let's share another topic :yes: Do you prefer to have a Kelly or Birkins? Some people said Birkins looks more casual, Kelly seems to be formal....Let's share your preference.
  2. i love them both ! and i do not follow the "rule as birkins casual and kellys formal. they are my toys and i love to play with them. means i wear the birkins fully closed to a dinner and the kellys without the flaps closed casual to jeans and a white tee.
    both bags suit each and every occasion they are so versatile and the outfit they do not go with has to be invented yet :flowers:
  3. Lilach....well said! I don't have experience with Birkins yet (mine's coming next month) but so far I have used my Kelly's EVERYWHERE! I love them as they can be casual or dressy!!!
  4. Donna...!!! what do you mean "mine is coming next month" ? have I missed out on something??;) :roflmfao:
  5. Oh Lordy, D....I've been a bad, very bad girl lately.....:shocked:
  6. ...D,I wanna know...!!!!:graucho:
  7. Only kidding...just thought I'd spice things up a bit.....:rolleyes:
  8. Birkin looks casual? Kelly looks formal?

    It's the 1st time I heard this.

  9. Well... that's what I read from the magazines of the quotes from the celebs and models in Hong Kong. They think Birkins is bigger to throw in the stuff. Personally I hate the flap for closing.
  10. donna - you're awful! j.k. lilach is right, they're both equally lovely. you can dress them either up or down.
  11. just wear it open with "flying" flaps like most people do . looks so casual yet elegant ;)
  12. I think in a perfect world it would be fun to have a little of both!

    I also feel alot depends on the leather types, colors, hw choices that one chooses. Depending on the choices you Kelly or Birkin and give off such a different look...casual, elegant, dressy, fun etc.
  13. I love both! There is no comparison between the two because they are so different!
  14. I love both! There is no comparison between the two because they are so different!
  15. I feel the birkin is best for day for me - I leave it open and tote my stuff around and it's perfect. If I was going out at night, I would probably carry a kelly for a more slightly ladylike, elegant bag...however, that said....I do love to take a kelly out during the day for use also -- and then of course there's the plume...and the bolide which are great with zippers!
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