Kelly vs Birkin

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  1. One of these days I'd like to get one. What are some of the differences between the two? Do they both come in the same colors? I assume the Kelly is easier to come by?

    I passed by the Atlanta Hermes in the summer and saw a beautiful bag in the window. I called to find out more info when I couldn't get it out of my head. The sa said the color was Ataupe (sp?) kind of a greyish color with silver hardware. On the small size. The sa said it was about a 28cm. It was around $6,000.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about with the color?
  2. Etoupe is a dove gray color. Look through the threads here starting at the beginning and in the Reference section and you will soon learn the differences between the two. They both come in the same kinds of leather and color depending on your luck or if you are lucky enough to be able to special order one. What you saw was probably a Kelly, they *are* easier to come by.
  3. With 28 cms and that price, probably what you saw was a Kelly.
  4. bagsforme, the Birkin and Kelly styles are both very popular; right now, the Birkin style seems to be more in demand, tho, amongst people who know Hermes, there are many styles which we appreciate and it comes down, almost always, to personal preference.

    The Birkin is more of a *tote* style because if you choose to, you can tuck in the flap and leave the bag open. The Birkin has two handles so you can pull the top open and access the interior.

    The Kelly has a flap but since the handle is on top of the flap, you have to leave the flap tucked over and buckled. Thus, you cannot reach inside the bag without unlatching it.

    None of this takes very fact, some of our members lock the belts on their bags, place cadenas inside the locks and wear them that way. When it comes time to open it, you wouldn't believe how fast they can do it!

    Others of us prefer to leave our bags casually closed but ready to access at a moment's notice ( when we need our wallets for more Hermes purchases:yes:)
  5. Are the colors seasonal? Or do they have the same colors year after year? Is a Blue Jean Birkin hard to come by?
  6. they have blue jean birkins at the new charlotte hermes, i believe. you could try calling them :smile:
  7. They won't ship. :crybaby:
  8. yeah, i just found that out myself. that's terrible, i'm sorry, bf :sad:
  9. bags, some colors are not necessarily seasonal but they are put out for a time then taken out of production for awhile, but not exactly discontinued.
    There are some classic "house" colors that will probably never be discontinued:

    Blue Jean
    Rouge Hermes
  10. for me the difference is in the weight. birkins are very very heavy bags. lots of good quality leather there--its a lot to carry around. the kellys, because they are smaller, are much lighter to carry.