kelly vs. birkin

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  1. hi everyone,

    i'm new to hermes...and i was just wondering what would be a better investment bag...kelly vs. birkin... and what color would be the best one to get. I already have A LOT of black bags too many in fact. also, what leather would be the most durable? i was thinking epsom? thanks in advance for your help.
  2. hi, for invesment its def birkin but trust me do not buy a bag just for an investment, it wont satisfy your thirst =) buy bags that u love....thats suitable for your me, this is based on my personal experiences heuehuehue. for leather i love togo and clemence the best, i dont like epsom...its pressed/printed leatheri dont like it, i need to be able to feel the thickness and the texture of the leather.
  3. When you say investment are you thinking of resale value or investing in a bag that will be most practical to you? If it's the later then it really depends on what you are looking for. If it's resale value then it's not the best way to go into buying any accessory....although the Birkin holds it's value better if looked after

    Regarding colour you need to look at your own wardrobe and decide what works for you, I knew I definitely wanted a black Birkin as my first bag and will slowly and in other colours

    Different leathers have different pros and cons, have a look in the reference section where you will find the leather book and lots of examples of different colours
  4. thanks love addict and mooks for your advice. i'll definitely check out that reference section. i'm not looking at ever selling my bag. i'm too lazy to go through all of that trouble. i just wanted to find a bag that i would be happy with now in my early 20s and much later on in my 40s. i just don't want to spend a lot of money on a bag that i might not appreciate later which is why i want to make sure i get the right color and leather. thanks again guys for all of your help :smile:
  5. If you get the chance get to an H boutique and see what they have available for you to try on. I love the Birkin and that's what I am most keen to buy at the moment but I know I will get a Kelly at some point
  6. Both bags are beautiful but they are so different.Like suggested check out the other sections & research carefully.Could be you decide on a totally different style H bag in the end.Birkins are coveted,box leather as well,but again different strokes for different folks.
  7. As these wise ladies have said, you should buy the bag you'd love to wear. That being said, IMO birkins have a higher resale value. Epsom does not appear to be as popular a leather than skins like togo, clemence, box, etc. Have fun!
  8. Buy the bag that makes your heart sing, not the bag that is the best investment (could be the same thought). As for colors and leather as suggested above get familiar with the rainbow of colors and the leather through the reference section and if you have the possibility go to an H store and see different options in person before making up your mind. Good Luck!
  9. It depends on your style. I've always been a Kelly person and knew I wanted to start out with a BB Kelly because it was an icon for me in 1985 in college. :smile: If you love black, stick with what you love and wear - -there are a lot of women here who try color and end up re selling.
    I think the kelly can be made dressy or casual and because I am short at 5'2", I wanted a 28 sellier. (I have a potiron evelyne strap in all leather and a linen alligator strap to change up the look). . . I love looking at the H celebrity thread - think the way Miraslava wears her kelly's is fabulous and was inspired by a pic of dou.dou with her pink kelly and fur collar/ruff and what look like motorcycle boots. (I wear a lot of dolce, chanel, ysl, mcqueen tops, coats (mainly bought pre-euro) with jeans.

    BTW, I was a chanel bag person until nov last year when chanel bags went up 2600-3K and I realized I could have my dream H after all :smile: Who knew I was also an evelyne, jige and assorted vintage person too :smile: You can never have just one:smile:
  10. thank you ladies so much. i appreciate all of your input. i'm headed for the H boutique in town this week and i'll let you ladies know what i decide on thank you! :smile:
  11. It all depends on your style. However, I feel Birkin can be such a young and casual bag - go to the thread here titled "stars and hermes." Lindsay Lohan and other young celebs look fantastic in their birkins. It is also a bag you will enjoy as you age into your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. The kelly is very lady like and holds less - a Russian socialite and editor of Russian Hapers Bazarre (I don't know her name), featured here on tpf looks awesome in her Kelly. Take a look at various photos and try it out.
  12. Birkin ftw!
  13. I love the Birkin. I have a few Kellys but rarely wear them. I admit I'm too lazy to change bags often.
  14. I love the kelly ...always been wanting it for a long time
  15. I think for a lifetime investment in usage, it depends upon your lifestyle. I definitely use my birkins more and can see myself using them well into my senior years. I would stick to neutrals, like etoupe or gris t or gold. Black you already have, though nothing is better than a black kelly IMHO. If I could only have one bag to carry me through my life, it would be a black kelly. Classic, beautiful and gorgeous to withstand the test of time.