Kelly style

  1. Does anyone know of a good designer bag that is similiar to a kelly bag? I do not want a cheap knock off. I want a high quality bag that looks similiar but is not a copy and that is made well.
  2. Chanel makes their own version of the Kelly - it's quite pretty actually! It's not much cheaper... I've never looked into this style myself, but I'm guessing it'll be betwen $1500-$2200.
  3. I bought a kelly style bag years ago from Lederer de Paris (looked online and called the number) - very nice quality and pretty identical...
  4. Hi prcheney! You may want to check out the FURLA handbags in embossed crocodile leather.

    Furla USA

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hope you find the perfect bag soon!

  5. ^^^ That's right!!! Furla does make ones that look like the Kelly.
  6. I'd go with the Dooney Flap Satchel in the Alto leather. It's made in Italy and a good quality bag for the price. :flowers:
  7. I agree with the Chanel Kelly bag. Those are very nice. I have pasted two links from the Chanel forum about the Kelly.

    There is a Belgian leathergoods company called Delvaux that made a bag called the Brilliant (sp?) which has a somewhat similar shape to the Kelly. I don't know though if that particular bag is still in production. These are pricy too, in the Chanel price range last time I saw one, and almost impossible to find but are beautiful and very well made handbags. Saks used to carry the line but I don't know if they do anymore, I don't see it at mine anymore. If you are in Europe though there are Delvaux boutiques in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. They also have a website but you cannot order from them.
  8. How about a Salvatorre Ferragamo? They have a Kelly style at Neiman's Palo Alto (Stanford Shopping Mall) in black.

    Edited to add the link: Ferragamo* -*Gancini Handbag
  9. Thanks everyone. With my budget at this time, I am seriously considering the Dooney. I also heard good things about the All Weather Leather. Do any of you know if the Alto's would be okay for running in from the rain?
  10. The Alto would get water spots so I would go with the AWL if you are worried about that. :flowers: The All Weather Leather is super durable. The Alto is really pretty though. I have one (tassel tote) and it gets a lovely patina. :flowers:
  11. Everybody has mentioned such good choices! It makes me want to buy one! ;)
  12. I have an ancient Moschino bag that looks like kelly. It used to be my mom's and I want to have it restored. Here is a pic:
  13. heyyyy that moschino bag is niiiice!