Kelly Style Question

  1. Apologize if this was discussed, but I couldn't find a thread...if so, just point me in that direction. :shame:
    I was in the Hermes Reference section looking at pix and now I need clarification. :confused1:

    What's the difference between these bags??

    Mini Kelly Clutch
    Kelly Pochette
    JPG Kelly

    From the photos (which, of course are not side-by-side ;)) They look exactly the same to me!

    Are they Kelly mini and pochette the same? What makes the JPG different? Other than it has JPG's initials as part of the name. The JPG Birkin I's half the size. :p

    I am not sure that I am a clutch kind-of-girl, but I do think these Kelly clutches are very nice...and would be great for formal occasions.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, the Kelly Pochette and JPG Kelly are the same, I believe. I suspect the mini-Kelly clutch is also synonymous but am not 100% sure.
  3. ^^ those are indeed all the same thing, PCG.
  4. Thanks Pepper & CoboltBlu!! I was hoping so!! :tup: That way, I only need to get one! Ahhhh, can you get just one?! Would that even be satisfying?! :graucho:

    Wish I could have gotten the "Mini Kelly Clutch, Kelly Pochette, JPG Kelly" that was in the window at the Wall St H! It was stunning! :drool:

    Alas, want to get a Birkin first.
  5. Wait--to be clear, there is ALSO a 20cm Kelly that sometimes is referred to as a Mini Kelly on the forums and on eBay.

    So, you have the following styles:

    Kelly Pochette, a clutch which is also known as a JPG Kelly since he designed it. It has a flat strap on the top of it (see photos in the ref threads), and it has a sellier-style triangular look to it at the bottom when seen from the side.

    Then there is a Kelly Longue, which is also a clutch, and hard as heck to find--longer and narrower at the bottom than a KP, and not really triangular at the base. It also has a flat strap.

    Then there is also a Kelly Elan which is allegedly discontinued and is a clutch with a very similar overall look to a Kelly Longue but without the top flat strap. It's also a bit narrower width-wise from the side.

    Lastly, there's the Mini Kelly/20cm Kelly, which has a rounded strap like a "regular" Kelly, and often has a shoulder strap as well. It is done in the Sellier style, like a Sellier Kelly of larger sizes, so it is triangular at the bottom. It is not truly a clutch bag.

    Did I miss anything?
  6. Excellent Mrs. Morris. ^^
  7. ^^ ah yes, the "mini kelly". that is just like a wee kelly.

    my SA calls the JPG the "mini kelly clutch".... or kelly pochette.
  8. And...there is the Kelly Danse, an affordable, convertible Kelly-style bag...
  9. To make things more confusing, SAs at certain stores in France also refer to the jpg kelly, jpg kelly pochette, jpg kelly clutch as the kelly mini (not to be confused with the 20 cm mini kelly).
  10. It truly is confusing. I try to always use the word "pochette" in referring to it, to try to clarify...
  11. Err, that was me. :p

    Totally forgot about the Kelly Danse. And then there's always the Kelly Lakis. AKA Mona Lisa with a moustache. :lol:
  12. :angel:
  13. :wtf:
    Thanks CynthiaNYC, these descriptions are perfect! :tup: I get a complete visual. Now, to add to the wishlist or not....;)

    Seton, I agree about the Kelly Lakis...just don't get it.:shame: