kelly strap issue

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  1. i have a 1 year old 35 togo kelly- carried moderately- usually with straps hanging. They have really stretched out and the leather is wavey. has anyone else experienced this? is it common? its my only kelly. the bag is at madison but they claim it should be buckled all the time.. i dont think anyone does that.. am i wrong?
  2. I do keep my Kelly buckled up all the time, but I fold the top flap over after. That way it's easy to open up and slip my hands into.

    I adore the nonchalant look of a Kelly with the straps undone, but I wouldn't do that to my own bag. The effect isn't worth the strain on the bag parts. JMHO
  3. I am sorry to hear that the straps stretched on you. :sad: From now on you may want to take the advice of arabesques and keep the straps buckled with the flap folded overtop.

    Best of luck!
  4. This is how I carry my kelly bags.
    My SA showed me how to do this.

  5. Good idea! Thanks!:smile:
  6. Togo is soft leather, guess it has been stressed.

    Try leather conditioner (for bag maintainance) to ease the wrinkles.
  7. Conditioning the leather is just going to make it softer and potentially stretch it more....

  8. Yup.. That's the way I wear my Kelly too.. Easy access!