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  1. Hi! Does anyone have any photos/info about this bag? Does it come in all the kelly sizes? What about leathers?

    Are they in stores?

  2. Hi - Do you mean this bag?:


    I am interested in this bag also, but my SA couldn't tell me anything about it. It's not been mentioned on the forum for a while.

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  3. I wonder what sizes it comes in and also in what leathers/colours?
  4. here is the pics of the Kelly So Sport that was being offered to me 2weeks ago.....

    Kelly SO Sport 35 etoupe

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  5. Thanks for posting! So it's got a shorter canvas strap rather than a long thin leather one, otherwise it's the same? Can you remember if the price is similar to a normal 35?


  6. any other difference from the reg kellys aside from the strap? can u buy the strap separately?
  7. hi HermesFSH, if I'm not mistaken, the price is similiar to the classic Kelly 35. as i have not own a Kelly, I'm not sure if the strap is shorter. i did not see the kelly SO SPORT in person,as my SA is in a different state.
  8. i was told it is the same classic Kelly, but with canvas strap.
  9. I saw this in Pacific Place Hermes. But it was gone the next day after the official opening.
  10. It's funny because I have been wearing all my Kellys with a shortned Canevas strap for 10 years. (special ordred for all my Kellys)

    I think Hermes has a LONG WAY TO GO before they can surprise me !
  11. I think it just makes things easier rather than being something new.

    Although a canvas strap has always been available, it costs extra $$ and can involve a long wait. I don't really like the thin leather strap anyway, so it's a way of getting the strap I want without any extra hassle. As long as they're not making you pay more, then it's fine by me!
  12. It's a good incentive for those who like a Kelly with bandouliere strap and can get both package immediately w/o a special request.

    I don't see any difference as before unfortunately. Though with the availability of this So Sport, there are certain leathers in a Kelly which were not made in the form of So Sport. It's still the same situation.:smile:
  13. :urock:
  14. The length of this strap is the same as the strap that comes with the Kelly Lakis and I use it also on my other black PHW Kellys and it is much more comfortable.

    This is just a regular 35cm Kelly with a shorter canvas strap.

    The bag that does look new and different in the first print picture is the small Kelly which looks like the dimensions of a Kelly Pochette but it has a regular Kelly handle and a strap. This I have not seen before, I think there was a picture somewhere in the Socialites thread of a pink one.
  15. Thanks everyone for your input! I REALLY like this...Just seems to make the kelly more practical/casual for me and my lifestyle.

    Wondering if it only comes in 35 though...