Kelly Slater w/ Camron?! No, no, this better!!!

  1. LOL....

    we have a restaurant in Kelly Slater's hometown....and last few times he came and visit us, i took pics with my baby Sophia! ;) of course she cried and tried to run.....:roflmfao:
    kelly&sophia.jpg kelly&sophia2.jpg kelly&sophia3.jpg kelly&sophia4.jpg kelly&sophia5.jpg
  2. his mom is the sweetest lady....and we see his brother all the time, we love the Slater family!!!:heart:

    we hope he'll bring his new girlfriend Camron to see us! :p :love:
    kelly&sophiaA.jpg kelly&sophiaB.jpg kelly&sophiaC.jpg kelly&sophiaD.jpg kelly&sophiaE.jpg
  3. WOW, How cool, your daughter is precious :love: and Kelly is gorgeous.:heart:

    Great post
  4. last pics!:heart:
    kelly&brother.jpg kelly&sophia6.jpg
  5. Is it in Cocoa Beach? I used to own a shop there - I love that area. I wonder if I was ever in your restaurant??? LOL
  6. How adorable!
  7. I love it. What a hot, hot man. :love::sweatdrop:
  8. haha that's pretty cute, I must admit. Your daughter is adorable!
  9. Sophia is so lovely!! Kelly don't look 1/2 bad either :graucho:
  10. Your baby's adorable. Those guys have nice eyes.:graucho:
  11. Wonderful photos! Your daughter is beautiful and he looks hot!:love:
  12. thank you sweet, thank you really for the compliment!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. oh WOW, this is so crazy!!! which shop was it?!!!!:p :heart:
  14. Thank you for sharing.
  15. OMG! I didn't recognize Kelly from your aviatar...i thought that was a pic of DH!!! Thats so amazing! Sophia is really living it up.... tons of LV and Kelly Slater!! and she's not even 5!!