Kelly Sellier in Swift leather

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    What are your thoughts on swift leather in kelly 25?

    i did a search on this but there seems to be conflicting views on how this leather refurbish / spa?

    i only have slg in swift so I would like to know more about this leather.

    if you have swift kelly, i would like to hear how the bag holds it shape, about corner wear and everything about what you though of kelly in swift.
    would appreciate if you include the color and how old your swift kelly is :smile:

    thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Hi Bluewin - I posed a question regarding swift vs tadelakt - and from what I could gleen was that swift was a softer leather for less structured bags, and that - in one owners experience, was prone to rubbing and could not be refurbished. (She did however counter that hers was a shoulder bag and probably wouldn't have that issue with a bag that was handheld).

    If you were considering a sellier, I suspect that tadelakt would hold the shape better, but swift makes a lovely retourne. HTH
  3. hi roo! thanks for your response :hugs:. i read your thread too. i read alot of threads regarding swift over the weekend. Some seems to think it is a type of leather that is comparable to box and some seems to dislike the leather (makes me really confused about this leather).

    i have a kp in tadelakt and i'm not sure about that leather yet since it is a newer type of leather.
  4. Swift is nothing like box....
    In a 25 sellier Kelly it is probably small enough to not develop sagging but it might not be as durable as box as Roo says above.
  5. I have a Kelly Flat in bleu jean swift, so though the bag is quite soft and designed to fold, it looks like a Kelly sellier.

    I have found the leather to be quite reslient to wear and rain. My swift birkin's corners degraded within two weeks of exceptionally careful wear. I was not impressed and would not get swift in a bag with hard, piped corners, or in a larger bag where you would anticipate some wear to corners.
  6. i may be wrong but i dont think swift is made in sellier construction--tadelakt yes
  7. the kelly flat comes in swift and it's a sellier, maybe you can find pictures of the kelly flat
  8. I don't know about the sellier corners, but MrsS posted photos of her swift lindy corners and they were quite worn. She said the color could be corrected a bit, but not the finish, I believe.
  9. Just a guess here but I think for a swift bag to retain integrity in sellier construction it would need extra reinforcing layers, which is why it is used in the kelly flat but rarely seen in other than retourne...
  10. You're right, CobaltBlu. The only sellier kelly Swift is used in, is the Kelly Flat. Swift is too soft.
  11. Yes. For the lack of a better choice of words ... the feel is like the texture of a natural / untreated leather cord.
  12. bluewin, really? I was one of the early owners of Swift when it came out. And my Swift Lindy is my daily bag. I had since only sent it in once to my craftsman for refurbishing, that is to retouch the colour. The finish cannot be improved however. And I hadn't bothered since.

    I would be keen to see pictures of swift bags that have been successfully improved than the standard that I have seen.

    That said, my store will be getting a new craftswoman. To test if a different craftsman would make a difference, I will send in my Lindy to her in a few months' time (after she arrives) and see what she comes out with.

    PS: very importantly, the extent of wear and tear depends largely on the style of bag. My Lindy sustained all of that, due to the constant rubbing against my denim jeans. My 34cm Lindy falls just right on my hip.

  13. Thanks for all the info regarding swift leather.
    let me see if i can dig up the old quotes regarding what some members said about their swift bag.

    any suggestions for a smooth leather that is not swift or box for a kelly?
  14. I love swift leather it is so soft.
  15. chamonix?