Kelly sellier current leathers?

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  1. What leathers are kelly sellier (size 28) offered in for regular orders (ie not special orders)? I am aware of epsom and box but not the other offerings.

    Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere but I could not find a thread on this.
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    Here are some threads that may help (did you search "Kelly Sellier leathers" ?).
    Off the top of my head I will add Barenia, Sombrero, and Tadelakt. I feel like some members may have seen selliers in Monsieur or Madame but not 100% on that. ETA: I don't think Butler is in production for Sellier K anymore, but the bags that were shown were beautiful.
    Also, since OP is asking about podium, I believe Barenia and Box are both push offer only and not available at podium.
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  3. I believe recently I've seen tPFers share sombrero and tadelakt K Selliers...not sure what else.
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