Kelly Sellier bag charm

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  1. That is soooo adorable! Thx for sharing the infos.
    That is about the only size bag I could handle in Tadelakt hahahahaha
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  2. It’s adorable! I think the artisans making these are very skilled. Fine work.
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  3. Do you think this can be worn as a necklace?
  4. if I were lucky enough to get one, this is my favourite. Do you think you can wear it as a necklace? I wonder if you can post a photo to show the size. I got the mini mini. Chiquito from Jacquemus which can be used as a long necklace maybe this is similar size and bulk?
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  5. Congratulations! She is so adorable!!
  6. I think this is one of my favourites so far. I really like the contrast stitching, little work of art.

    Even though they're so tiny I still think they're too big for my bags, and some of my bags are big. Even my Flots seems to work better because it's flat. When they get more 3D I lose my nerve.
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  7. This is adorable! Love your etoupe one with the constrast stitching, congrats! :heart:
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  8. I enjoy looking at these pictures.
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  10. You are welcome! Best of luck!!

    True that! :lol: Thank you:love:

    Yes!! It definitely is a little work of art:hbeat::hbeat::hbeat: such impressive skills

    The twilly seems to be stitched on so not unless you add your own strap... I don't think I would use it in that way

    It isn't super bulky- I think the orange bag charm is puffier. If you like that look I guess you could but I dont think I would use it that way (also the twilly is stitched on)

    Thank you!!:blush:

    Thank you I gasped when I saw it!! I was really hoping for that specific combo!! :love::love: It is not as thick as the orange bag charm but it is not flat like that flot or the boot/saddle ones

    Thank you so much!!:love:
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  11. DH just texted me from the boutique and said "I bought you the smallest Kelly I have ever seen"....I think it must be this, since he knows the Mini K II. He hates micro bags so I'm completely surprised :P
  12. Ooh hope it’s the tiny Kelly charm. How sweet of ur DH to get this Kelly for you and I hope you show us pics.
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  13. #193 Jan 15, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
    I'm so surprised, as I said he dislikes tiny bags. He made huge fun of me when I wanted to buy the London version of the micro Delvaux and that was only £500!

    EDIT: It's a Mini Kelly after all! I will not complain :heart:
  14. Another very happy outcome! I hope you post the specs in the Mini Kelly thread, I always love to see what you end up with since you have cool taste, and I assume your husband does too.
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  15. Any new sightings? I am on tenderhooks....
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