Kelly Sellier bag charm

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  1. There will be new Kelly Sellier bag charms coming for FW19 and we've had a teased of it at press preview. A few more pics have recently surfaced, so sharing them here. (credit: faye_tsui and favloves via Instagram)
    Kellycharm05.png Kellycharm01.png KellyCharm02.png KellyCharm04.png KellyCharm03.png

    I don't have info on the dimensions but I do know that the turnlock and sangles are fully functional. I've been told that these will also come in exotic leather including lizard but I don't recall if it's just lizard trim or fully lizard. This little charm is priced accordingly given the meticulous work on its miniature size. (Price is just a little less than a Garden Party 30 in Negonda :sweatdrop:) It will be available for SS20 as well as it was available at podium. Don't despair if you can't get hold of one for FW19! ;) :giggle:
  2. How 'meta' is a Kelly charm for a Kelly! Pun intended!

    These are adorable, thank you @Meta
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  3. Seems like a mini bag charm is in trend. Bottega also has been producing its mini weave bag charm recently. Considering widely copied Rodeo charm is priced at $700, a more meticulous and working hardware of sellier Kelly bag charm priced at $3000 ish seems "reasonable".
  4. Delvaux has made mini bag charms for a number of years. They are functional and can store a key or other small item. They retail for about $1k each. They are really charming but a bit bulky as a bag charm imo. So i’m curious to see how big the kelly bag charm is in person.
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  5. You know you’re rich when your Hermès Kelly bag carries an Hermès Kelly bag. :biggrin:
  6. these bags are so cute.
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  7. Incredibly cute!
  8. :lol:
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  9. So, so adorable! Can’t wait for these.
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  10. Me neither. :nuts:
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  11. Thanks for sharing. Wake me up when H do these as SOs, I want mine with contrast stitching and interior :biggrin:

    As @DoggieBags mentioned Delvaux has done mini Brilliants for a number of years and actually look more 'Brilliant' than these (and are half the price)
  12. I went into a boutique while traveling yesterday and was able to put my name down for one. :happydance:

    I get the feeling only a fraction of the stores ordered them this go round. I’m so glad they’re releasing them for SS20, so we have better odds.
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  13. OMG way too cute!! Hopefully it won’t be impossible to get one. Great to hear that they will be around for SS20!
  14. Those Kelly charms are adorable. However, I tend to buy bag charms as a (relatively) inexpensive way to update a bag without buying a whole new bag. I brace myself for the pricing.....
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  15. I know I’ll be in the minority, but I find them silly. I would not pay $3K+ for them.

    I’d rather put that $ towards a Kelly bag, not a charm.