Kelly Ripa's necklace

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  1. Does anyone know where Kelly Ripa's delicate gold necklace that she is always seen wearing might be from. It is very elegant and it almost looks like an eternity symbol. She is always wearing it along with her bracelet. Any ideas who makes it?
  2. I think it's the double link gold necklace by boe.
  3. did you ever find out about kelly ripas necklace? i want to buy it
  4. Can anyone ID who makes Kelly Ripas delicate gold necklace? She acknowledged it recently but can't remember who designed it. I also saw on fasion finder that she said it was by Laura Mannix but she is the coordinator that supplies stuff to tv shows. Does anyone know where i can get it or who makes it? I REALLY want it.
  5. ripa.jpg
  6. that is very pretty
  7. love that necklace.. although, what wouldn't look great on Kelly Rippa??
  8. Hi~ Thanks but it is not the double line gold necklace BY BOE. She showed a closeup of it but thats not it. It has a small open ended hook. i am looking everwhere for it. i love it.
  9. Hi~ Im still trying 2 c if ne1 knows who makes Kelly Ripa's delicate gold necklace? She mentioned it on the show recently but said she couldn't remember the designer. aughh!! Can ne1 id this?
  10. I like her delicate bracelet she always wears too...what is that?
  11. The bracelet she wears is by London Jelwelers.. it is the evil eye bracelet. Can anyone please id her gold necklace? It's not BY BOE but thanks for the response.
  12. Hello! I know Laura Mannix very well & actually purchased one of her necklaces this summer. I did reach out to her to confirm Kelly Ripa is wearing one of her necklaces & she is!!!! Every time I wear my necklace heads turn. I simply love this piece. It's dainty, elegant & unique. I reached out to Laura Mannix through Good Luck!
  13. I sent a message to the email address you provided but didn't get an answer. Can you provide more information about the necklace you have? Thanks so much! I'd LOVE to have it too!
  14. Sure. My necklace is 18k carat white gold w/ a diamond cross on one side and scattered diamonds ans saphires on the other side. All of her pieces are truly unique. She can design white, yellow or rose gold- any stone, truly one of a kind. I know the necklace retails $3,500. If you're still intertested, let me know and I'll see if I can get you her personal email.
  15. She ended up replying to my email today and you both provided information on a beautiful necklace, but not the one I was asking about. The link below will take you to a better picture of it. Enlarge the photo to see it better.