Kelly Ripa Style Thread!

  1. Can anyone ID the shoes she's wearing today on the show?? They're gorgeous mary janes!
  2. Please post a pic in our "Can You ID?" Forum :tup:
  3. If you check the regis and kelly website there is a section that gets posted in the afternoon and covers what she was wearing on the shoe.
  4. Thanks! They are charlotte olympia's mary janes.
  5. I love that her style is interesting but not intimidating- I feel like most people can pull off the things she wears and I like that.
  6. *~*Kelly taping a segment for "Live with Regis & Kelly" in NYC 4.21.11...I love her jacket; the whole outfit is cute!!*~*

    Credit: Tlfan


  7. ^^^^^ LOVE. That is so chic.
  8. *~*Kelly taping a segment for "Live with Regis & Kelly" 4.20.11...I love this look!! Her shoes are fab.*~*

    Credit: Tlfan

  9. Love the updates!
  10. I wonder who dresses her? They do an amazing job!
  11. I could SO not pull off those last 2 outfits!
  12. Here are a couple more:
    Kelly+Ripa+Kelly+Ripa+Mark+Consuelos+NY+RIxxgBZZ2Lsl.jpg Kelly+Ripa+Kelly+Ripa+Picks+Up+Daughter+nlXloaW9ioyl.jpg
  13. Does anyone know where to get anything like the diamond shark tooth necklace she`s sporting? You can see it a bit in the leather jacket pics above. I've googled to no avail. Any help appreciated!
  14. I think it's by Sydney Evan, if that helps!
  15. LOVE Kelly's style...I always enjoy watching Live in the morning.

    On the Regis and Kelly website, they have "Kelly's Fashion Finder" where she mentions the specific items she's wearing that day. Very fun to see her clothing up close...she loves Club Monaco, Giambattista Valli, and Victoria Beckham dresses and doesn't hesitate to reuse her favorite pieces.

    She dresses for her body type so well and has perfected the balance of "dressing for men/for women."