KELLY RIPA, on Live with Kelly - Help identify these Charlotte Olympia Shoes

  1. Can someone tell me what model Charlotte Olympia shoes these are??? She wore them on the show this past Wednesday, July 18th.
  2. I think the sandals are called 'Dolores'
  3. Are you absolutely sure? The Dolores model seems to be only an espadrille-platform with a texture (canvas?) black material, whereas the ones she is wearing almost look like suede. Did those come in different black finishes?
  4. Kelly's are definitely in canvas:smile:. She has worn them before. Maybe it's the picture that makes the material look like suede.
    EDIT: . There are on that page
  5. Ok, here's a different style thats legit. Slightly different from kelly's, but proof that the come in other materials.

    There's some suede ones out right now actually, but they have lips on them.
  6. You can clearly see that the platform is not gold! The combinations are canvas + braided raffia and suede/lamb and calf leather + patent leather (pumps + platform).
  7. Kelly does a webcast after every show detailing her outfit. Did you check there? Maybe she gives the style? Or maybe there is a comment section with some insight?