Kelly Ripa -Mulitpocket help please...

  1. Hey all.
    Kelly was on the cover of Allure in the past and inside they showed what she brought to the photo shoot. She had a small mulit pocket. It was pink. I can't for the life of me remember what the actual color was!
    I threw that magazine out which was stupid considering I really wanted that color.

    Anyone know?? I know this is a total shot in the dark. :shrugs:
  2. Do you remember how far back the issue is? I have several back issues that I haven't looked at yet but I don't remember Kelly being on the cover on any of them.
  3. well...over a year ago. :crybaby:
    I told you it was a shot in the dark!

    Maybe I can find a Kelly fan site and see of someone has the mag. saved.
  4. ^^Oh, that long ago? LOL... I'm not sure I can help you then. I've seen Kelly pictured with a pale pink hobo. Are you sure it was a Multipocket?
  5. yes, that's when I fell in love...
  6. I'll try doing some research and see if I can find a picture for you. I like Kelly a lot. She has several MJ bags!:yes:
  7. I found the cover of the June 2004 magazine...maybe knowing the date will help us narrow down the pink colors from around that time??
  8. Running searches too...will let you know if I come up with the pic.....UGHH I hate when this happens to me so will do my best to find it!
  9. You guys are so awesome!
    I will also be looking!
    See what we do for fashion? LOL!!
  10. luvpurses24 will find it for you! she's the queen of celebrity photos and their handbags!
  11. ^^Ack! Now I feel the pressure! LOL...:lol:

    Thanks for the compliment though thithi. I will certainly do my best!!
  12. hmmm... the only pink color that comes to my mind is washed rose which is from 2003 (?).... but i dont know if that the one that she has (i cant remember magazines from the past month let alone from years past :sad: ...sorry)