kelly rigid or supple in 28 box black PH?

  1. I have the opportunity to have a 28 cm kelly in black box retourne (supple) w. palladium hardware and think maybe I should get it in sellier (rigid). I think the rigid might be too severe. On the other hand, maybe it is the most classic. If I don't get the supple one now, I might not have another opportunity for quite a while. I already have a 25 cm black mini lizard with gold hardware and a and also a mini black lizard rigid kelly with gold hardware, both for dressy occasions and I use them both and love them. But I would like a larger bag to fit things in when I get dressed, and would get a black box rigid, but not as dressed as when I use the others. I also like the appeal of the supple for times when I don't want to look so strict. The question is whether to go ahead with the supple now and maybe in the future get a rigid in black box, too. Please advise. Thanks so much.
  2. I got the supple first (it was available, so'd for someone who refused it). I really love it, and am on the lookout for a rigid.
  3. hmmm, let's see. you already have:

    25cm black mini lizard GHW
    black mini lizard (rigid) GHW

    considering 28 cm black box retourne PHW
    and in the future you want a classic rigid black box...

    that's a lot of black kellies! i'm wondering why you have two black mini lizard kellies with GHW. maybe i'm missing something.

    i think you have to decide which black box you want in the future. do you want the classic black box rigid with GHW (classic)? or do you want this 28 black box retourne PHW. this bag offered to you would be more young, casual, and modern. however, if i were you, i would want more variety. perhaps consider my "casual" black kelly to be chevre or togo PHW retourne. and then later get the classic black box kelly sellier GHW. then they would be VERY different black kellies.

    or maybe get rid of one of your mini black lizards and get this new bag and the classic in the future...
  4. Souple. Looks like you need a little something that can hold all your daily stuff and still take you from day to night. Souple will be more pliable allowing more room inside.

    I'd go souple now and see if you still feel the same way about needing/wanting a sellier down the road.......
  5. I agree with SHOPMOM!! Souple, b/c you have a sellier (rigide) already. It will give you more room, and since it will be bigger than what you have, it will contour to your body more, and you will be able to get a canvas strap to make it more sporty and casual if you want. Good Luck!:yes:
  6. YES!!!! Don't forget to order the canvas strap too! I swear it makes a world of difference with the Box calf Kelly's.....makes it more casual and FUN!!!!
  7. i prefer the look of a souple/retourne kelly, so obviously i'm going to have to say go with that!
  8. I think for size 28cm kelly, either rigide or retourne looks ok (I have both in size 28cm). If you already have rigide, then 28cm retourne would be a great complement. I personally prefer retourne as it looks effortlessly sassy/casual but can be formal (esp in box)
  9. The Minute I Saw This The Title...I Was Think Rigide!

    But, Reading About the Beautiful Collection You Have & You Say You Do Want Both....Go For The Retourne, This Time! :smile:
  10. Personally I would go for the sellier first.

    However, in your fabulously black-kellys bestowed situation, the retourne 28cm black box may be the way to go for now. It'll be a more casual bag. Unless you don't mind a sellier Kelly for a casual bag.
  11. Ditto S'Mom. Retourne is more versatile in my opinion than Sellier, IMO Retourne can do day/ night/ formal/ casual with ease, whereas Sellier to me is always a more formal look. I think Retourne would be the best fit for you.
  12. ^^Agree. Souple first for its versatility, then rigide later. I wish I had done this (I have a 28 black box rigide).
  13. In a size 28 cm , I prefer the rigide.
  14. Based on your information, I feel a retourne will give you the most use. It is large enough for daily use and purchasing in retourne makes it perfect for day/evening. Part of me does feel if you purchased the 28 rigide it is a bit formal for daily use unless your wardrobe really warrants it. I say purchase are quite fortunate to get your hands on one.
  15. Although reading the title, Sellier came to mind, but reading your needs and your current collection, I suggest Retourne. It will meet fit the "gap" where the other bags can't and also able to use it in the night.
    So I'm with Shopmom and Kellybag on this :flowers: