kelly retourne 40

  1. Has someone a picture of a kelly retourne 40??

    I am 5'10 and I am wondering if 35 is not to small for me?!?

  2. I am 5'11 and carry a 28 sellier and a 32 retourne. The 35 is FOR SURE NOT too small for you. The 40 is nice but it's HUGE.
  3. I am 5'11 and 8 months pregnant in these photos. I have a 28 sellier and a 35 retourne - the 35 is a size I love, but I have been tempted to try a 40 as well.
    kelly1.jpg kelly2.jpg

  4. The 35 is very very nice on you!!! And I think it would be nice on me too;)

    However I would like to see a 40 on our frame...

    Thanks for th pics
  5. There's a thread on the Kelly 40 in the main Hermes forum right now, check it out!
  6. ^^ I think I posted in that thread about Laboheme - she has action shots that are perhaps 3 or 4 days old, in the "Your Hermes in Action" thread, of her 40 clemence graphite Kelly.
  7. I love it!!! So beautiful, more casual like the birkin 35

    I am going to try to visit an H boutique and try the 2 sizes...

    Thanks to all!
  8. you look really fab:yes:! when i was 8mths pregnant with my children, i was only in flat shoes:p