Kelly Resale Price?

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  1. I'm sure there must be a thread somewhere for this discussion that I have missed (and perhaps somebody will direct me accordingly!). I am wondering what one should expect to pay for a used Kelly in good condition? I recently found one in London, 32cm black box leather, about 8 years old, for £2000 and wonder if this is a reasonable price....

    Apologies for not having found the correct thread for this question!
  2. It depends on the condition !

    There are many very good and reasonabely priced used Kellys on ebay. You might have a look to compare prices and conditions...

    Good luck in your hunt!
  3. I have seen some at Sandia Exchange on ebay - used Kelly 32/35cm black box, around 10+ years and in good condition- between US$3.5-4K. You can search her ebay feedback and have a look.

  4. The one I found wasn't in brand new condition, it had some marks as box leather tends to show these rather quickly, but the corners and interior etc were fine.

    I will shop around for the time being, I would love to hear about any great resale shops in London for Hermes if anybody knows of them...
  5. Hope this helps:

    London Resellers?