Kelly Question: Rings for the shoulder strap

Jan 22, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Dear all,

I have been admirming some of your kelly's and noticed that some kelly has 2 extra rings on the handle for the shoulder strap while others only have the 2 rings on the handle. Does anyone know why? Thanks in advance.


Feb 18, 2008
Hermes has stopped making the extra rings on the kellys. I have no idea why they stopped. I actually prefer the kelly without the extra "wings" as I handhold mine. Some of the kellys from recent years will have the extra hoops while older bags will certainly not. As far as I have seen, none of the newer bags have the rings. Perhaps one less step for H to do on this iconic bag? Who knows. Even without the extra loops, it is quite easy to use the straps. You don't lose any utility from the bag by not having the extra loops.


May 15, 2008
oh wow really! Very interesting indeed!! I am only aware that prior to 2003 there was one loop, then h added another one for the strap but have no idea they revert back to the one ring! I too agree that one ring has a 'cleaner' look (as beaumonde would put it). I guess it is true that you don't mess with the classic huh.
Jan 22, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Thank you so much!!! Ah ha thank you. The reason is because my friend saw one at the H store on display that has two rings and my kelly only has kind of freaked me out a little. Anyhow, THANK YOU!!!


Jun 12, 2008
Not close enough to Hermes
How interesting! This gives me something else to look for when out and about and eyeing people's bags!

Personally, I like the "cleaner" look of the one ring too rather than the double.


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Aug 31, 2008
Are we talking about the double v ring versus the classic single ring? I started to wear my single ring 1985 BB kelly with and evelyne strap (canvas with evelyne hardware in the first pic) and some friction caused the edges of the handle and shoulder "pad" to wear. . . will see if I can take a good enough pic to show (third pic). . . Took it to Pierre at Madison and he said eventually this happens with single ring (had a new handle put on -- this is the new handle - the old one frayed like the shoulder "pad" but worse, and have ordered new shoulder "pads." (I asked to keep my bag until the new replacement parts come in since it might take months) I am hoping the "kelly" hardware on the evelyne strap (second pic) will help reduce this issue since the kelly hardware is less cumbersome than the evelyne hardware, but I am a big fan of the thicker evelyne strap. . . but pierre said it will eventually happen again. . .oh well. BTW, I do not overload my bags :smile:


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Sep 7, 2006
If you never use the shoulder strap, I agree that the extra loops are not so useful and detract from the clean look of the Kelly. But I have heard that the extra loops really help if you use the shoulder strap.
All my Kellys have the extra loops, so I don't have any experience with single loops. I always keep my shoulder straps on just in case, so I don't find the extra loops sticking out for no purpose. I didn't even realize that newer Kellys would not have the extra loops.
Now that is something to think about... I like the way my bags function now, so maybe I might not like the Kelly so much without the extra loops.