Kelly Price

  1. Can somebody tell me what's the price of a 28cm Kelly nowadays?
  2. qqnomo, prices vary, depending on the features of the bag, and sometimes vary from store to store. Just under or around 6K....possibly more depending on leather selection.
  3. Qqnomo, exactly what isus said but my sister just purchased a Kelly 28 sellier (rigid construction) in Chevre de Coromandel (goatskin) for $6,650.00 before taxes. It's a little less for cowhide, such as Togo and Clemence. The retourne versions (supple construction) are less expensive than sellier.
  4. Love your new avatar 24!
  5. ouch! They are creeping up to Birkin prices!
  6. Thank you, Ozzysmom! GT, tell me about it... :sad: :cursing:
  7. Last week as I was in H store: 28 cm Kelly in Chevre is $6,100.
  8. Thanks for the response. I am thinking of getting either a kelly or bolide, I saw a 31cm bolide, episom leather the other day at H boutique which costs $5200. I was wondering how much a Kelly costs....:shame:
  9. qqnomo, the Kelly is an icon but you can't go wrong, either, with the Bolide. One of Hermes' better ideas:yes:

    Please let us know what you decide.......