kelly pouchette

  1. Hello TPForum-mers

    in my excitement to post my birkins, I forgot all about the kelly pouchette mini... in vermillion swift leather which is incredibly soft and buttery... any TPForumers into pouchettes as well? they are so adorable...and stylish too

  2. Gorgeous!!! I love the vermillion in swift!!!:love: :love: :love:
  3. Now THAT is cute! Congrats on your new Kelly pochette!!
  4. I'M into them! Absolutely stunning! I've never seen one in Swift before and I think it suits the bag perfectly!
  5. I love it!!! So cute!
  6. She's beautiful, Angie! Love the color in Swift you use her often?
  7. I love mine even though i havent used her yet ... i would like to put her on my fireplace in my bedroom but im not cure if my husband has seen it yet !!!!!!!!:smile:
  8. So cute!!!!! Vermillon is pretty in swift!
  9. Love that pouchette! And in vermillion swift- it is TDF!
  10. The Kelly Pouchette is such a wonderful bag - one that I hope to own someday :smile: The color is gorgeous!
  11. I have the opportunity to see this IRL and it is really beautiful.
  12. I saw this same bag at Hermès in Bern and it was gorgeous!!!

    I love vermillion in swift! This leather really suits the color a lot.
  14. What a truly sweet bag. Thank you for sharing!