Kelly Pochette

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  1. the croc pochette is absolutelly amanzing
  2. I've seen KPs in evercalf, evergrain, swift, box, ostrich, lizard, croc.
    Of all these, most casual to my eye is evergrain. But I think you can do casual with this bag in any leather.
  3. I love the pochette. I think you could wear even croc casually, it all depends on what you wear and how you carry it.
  4. kp lover, too. being pretty tall, prefer it as an evening bag, only. so maybe not only matter of style but height and dimension ( and of course personal taste )
  5. I feel myself slowly gravitating towards a KP. I've been seeing a couple at the H store here and have thought to myself each time "a lizzie in that would be TDF"!!

    I think KP's more an evening bag. I carry too much rubbish during the day. But wear it in whichever way that pleases you. If you think it looks great, then it probably is :P
  6. I am falling for this bag every moment. Especially for a grab and go bag to go have lunch, do my hair/nails ro do my grocery. I wonder whether they make it in toile... that would nice for casual.
  7. this is gorgeous:tup: enjoy your new bag.
  8. what would be the starting price for the KP?
  9. Great bag wear it with everything!

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  10. While I realize this is an older post, I doubt they would do it in toile (but never day never!) since it is essentially a hand held bag, and would therefor perhaps not lend itself so much to being touched over and over as one holds their bags.

    That said, I think KPs are perfect for clutches! A Jige Elan makes an amazing night bag... the KP is less of a vampire... she can walk in the sun!