Kelly Pochette

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  1. isus,
    that's exactly how i wear my pochette too. i wear it to the movies, store run and afternoon outings with the girls. mostly in jeans and capris.

    also because i do not need to carry much beyond card & cash purse/phone/gloss, the KP is just nice. in fact i use it more than the birkin.
  2. That's aweasome. Thank you for the picture. You made it look so casual... I think I am gonna be braver about using it casually, too! =)
  3. Ladies, thank you:smile: this is my everyday dress style and the gold Swift KP just fits right in.

    I would wear this Pochette with anything except "very dressy" and then, I feel a black KP or croc would look good.
  4. isus & galileo, that is how I like to wear my KP as well! I find it so handy for restaurants and the movies since you can rest it easily on your lap.
  5. great bag
  6. beautiful, I wish I could live with a small bag. I've got to learn to try to use one for going out. I'm just lazy
  7. isus's matte poussiere croc Kelly Pochette:


  8. OMG !!! I love this croc KP !!!!
  9. I absolutely adore the KP. Cannot wait to own it some day!
  10. I love the KP too. A must-have! And best in croc too! :graucho:
  11. I love her...very cute! Congrats!
  12. I was using mine today. Love it!
  13. The KP is very versatile and it holds a lot more than I thought it would. I have a black one that I use day and night, with everything from jeans and a T or little jacket to skirt/top and riding boots, to a more dressed up look for going out at night. I've carried mine everywhere from movies to Hermes-shopping to opera/concert.
    My lizard KP is more of a night time bag, but I have taken it out during the day when it was the bag that looked best with my outfit. I have dressed it down too.
    A black leather KP is just the most versatile.
  14. i love the KP! definitely my next bag. what do you girls think is the best leather for a *casual* KP?
  15. Oh wow that croc is so beautiful!

    As for a casual KP... hmm... I'm not sure, this will require some research. I don't know the name of the leather for my KP...