Kelly Pochette

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  1. I recently managed to acquire a black kelly pochette with gold hardware sometime in the past month. I'm curious as to how you ladies wear your kelly pochettes. At first I decided that it is mostly an evening bag or an eating out bag, but for example would you use it when you go get your hair trimmed or your nails done?
  2. Dhalia, yes!! But, only if the bag is safe from any harm. The JPG Kelly pochette is so slim that you can usually put it into the seat next to you. Ask your hairdresser for a towel to put over it.

    I love it because when I have a passenger in the car with me, I put mine right next to me. Can't do that even with my regular size Kelly.

    These are wonderful size Hermes clutches, don't you think??

    Yours sounds very lovely.....
  3. great with the little black dress!!! go for it.
  4. yea...reason i wanna take it to salon with me is cause i hate when my bag ends up being hung far D: i feel like someone is gonna spill something on them
  5. i use my pochette all the time, it's so versatile.
  6. Wow, a KP in the staple black! CONGRATS!
  7. Thanks! I actually never thought I'd like it this much but when I actually saw it ... I just knew!! =)
  8. Dhalia, I always liked the way the KP "looked" and knew there would be one in my life someday, too.

    But, I did not realize how MUCH I would like it until I adopted it:P

  9. Congratulations! I am now kicking myself for passing one up. I am on a serious ban right now. I would have used it in the evenings but I think it would be fun anytime. Enjoy it!
  10. Dhalia, I took a pic for you.....this is what I wore today.

  11. So pretty and sweet!:okay:
  12. Oh that is so cute.
  13. isus - I love how you've made the Pochette look so dress-down and casual! SUPER!
  14. Isus Nice look!! I always thought that the JPG was a super dressy bag!! I think I might need one now!! Thank you!:flowers:
  15. I love the KP!! Wish I could use one somehow.