Kelly Pochette

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  1. Hello there
    I recently got a new obsession Pochette :yahoo:, it is so gorgeous!!!
    I would like to find out as much as I can about it :
    styles, leather, prices, known availability... waiting list?, and anything else what you addicts can think of. Does anybody know if it comes in Rouge H?
    Many thanx for all your inputs:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. Polaremil, thank you I didn't see that one :shame:
  3. Here's a picture of mine, there ae more on an old thread called somthing like I settled for now a quick reveal...

    before the price increase it was $3250 before tax

    Attached Files:

  4. Wow, your bag is amazing :yes: and many thanx for all the extra tips ;)
  5. The KP is just adorable....beautiful...I have one and could have many more. I just love her!
  6. Here is a KP (middle) that Megs posted for the H Fall/Winter line:


    And some VB ones from the same blog thread:



    I'm sure many of us have seen these already but I know I'd take a double dose of H eye candy anytime!:girlsigh:
  7. The Kelly Pochette is the sweetest thing Hermes has ever made, IMO.:yes::heart:
  8. It is a most practical clutch (due to the handle and ability to hold quite a bit) and can be both cute and elegant at the same time.