Kelly Pochette, Yay or Nay?

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  1. I recently just purchased a B25 in black and GHW from my SA, and he told me that a Kelly Pochette in croc leather, Rouge H and GHW is arriving to the store. He thought of me immediately and said that he hasn't seen a croc Kelly Pochette in quite some time. He offered it to me and he said that he is going to put it on hold as soon as it arrives! I don't have any Kelly Pochettes in my collection yet, but I do have other croc pieces. PF'ers do you think it's worth it?
  2. I will take it o
    If it is porosus, just my personal preference. It seems you are ok with small bag, I think then it may work for you. It is too small for me.
  3. He didn't say which croc leather, but I'm really drawn in by the colour
  4. I have the same color in porosus with GHW in Kelly. I love it so much and now I am looking to buy a Birkin in the same spec. It is so classic and not overwhelming in shinning croc. If you have the fund, I say go with it. I think it was a little over $13K last year. I don't remember the exact number. I was shown too many croc recently. Good luck deciding.
  5. I really like the combo and would get this Kelly Pochette.
  6. Wow good luck! A croc birkin would be stunning
  7. please go for it will not regret
  8. Yes, absolutely. I want one in 30 and had to pass one. It was hard since it is so gorgeous. You will love it.
  9. #9 Mar 27, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
    What colour was it?
  10. Yes, it's worth it!!!
  11. The Rouge H equivalent is Boudreaux in croc. Yes it is gorgeous, but wrong time.
  12. Definitely!! Gorgeous!!
  13. If you love it then yes. It's a really useful clutch, easy to carry and will hold all the essentials without compromising it's shape.
  14. If you adore Rouge H, then yes, of course!
  15. How to say no
    If you like the color
    If it suit you
    Must take it