Kelly Pochette vs Kelly Danse

  1. Does anyone know how the sizes of these differ? I recently got a Kelly Pochette, and I'm wondering if I should have gotten a Kelly Danse instead, you know, casual lifestyle, the strap on the Danse... Of course, I didn't know anything about the Kelly Danse when I got the Pochette, but that's another bunch of leather (I mean skin...):upsidedown:
  2. Kelly Danse is 20cm. I had a KP and I love it! I saw the Kelly Danse today the first time and it is not as good-looking as I have expected. The clasp looks so fragile and the strap is very thin, and the proportion looks not so right to me. The base is not as big as KP (I think). I prefer KP over KD. However, I admit that KD is more casual (since there is a strap).

    I haven't tried the KD on, but I saw a listing on eBay with someone wearing over the shoulder and it looks nice on her. I think KD and KP look very different, so you may want to consider the KD too.

    Here is the eBay link:
  3. I Really Like The Danse....I Think It Looks Great As A Clutch!!!! Of Course, I Love The KP ~ Mainly Because I Think It's A Great Evening Bag.......

    I Really Want A Kelly Danse:nuts:
  4. Danse is more like a waist pouch, imo. It even comes with the belt to go around your waist.
  5. Both Kellys are so different, and made for different purposes. I find it hard to use a Kelly Danse as a clutch. It's just too tall, and too square. Rather awkward to using it as a clutch really.

    The Kelly Danse is cute as a sling bag.
  6. I think you should stick with your pochette, I really don't like the Danse, simply because it doesn't have good proportion, and seems kinda fake to me :smile: (I know it's not, its just that the squareness of the bag just makes you think that its not chic)
  7. I use the Kelly Danse like a messenger bag - draped across my body. It works really well...But am not sure it is for everybody. For me, this bag is more casual.. whereas, I will be using my KPs for evening.
  8. Ah, Mrs S! I was hoping you would weigh in on this crucial matter! Have you tried the Danse on? I really can't use two small Kellys, and I'm wondering if the Danse would suit my lifestyle better? I can't tell if it holds more than the KP...
  9. No, I haven't tried the Kelly Danse but was told that it's about the size of a 25cm Kelly or a tad less. So it should hold alot more than the KP, for sure.

    The profile is just not quite right for a clutch because it's so tall! It does look very casual.

    If you have a chance, try out a Kelly Longue if you find the KP too small.
  10. Having seen and tried both, the Kelly Danse holds more than the Kelly Pochette. It is also a lot more casual-looking, and is meant more as a messenger bag than anything else.
  11. the danse doesnt look like a real clutch to me......too soft and casual. the KP is a real clutch clutch!
  12. Yes, the Danse is definitely more casual than the KP. I have used it for day (messenger) and to go out to dinner (clutch) ..but not for anything formal. I live a casual caribbean/miami lifestyle:biggrin: waiting for one in black swift from my DH. I like this style for travel also since it keeps me chic but handsfree...good to travel with a Danse and a Birkin or Lindy to vary things abit...the birkin sometimes calls too much attention when I travel to south america. (BTW- its my listing on eBay that diamond mentioned):flowers:
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  13. Hmmm, they are two different bags. I've seen the Kelly Danse and personally I don't know how to use it as. It doesn't look right as a clutch (too squarish) and it looks weird as a waist pouch. However, it does hold more than Kelly Pochette.

    The one I was looking at was in Black Swift with PH. It will probably look nice in Box leather.

    IMO, Kelly Pochette is a better choice.