kelly pochette size and price

  1. hi, can anyone tell me the size and the price of a kelly pouchette? I know that it dependo on the typo of leather but i would like to know more or less how much is ...
    thank you
  2. The swift leather I saw 2 weeks ago was 3500 Swiss Francs (roughly 2900 US). I don't know the exact size though.
  3. meassurements are roughly W22 H13 D7cm
  4. Mine's lizard skin, bot from Tokyo. Its USD5.7k

    I think it would have been 30% cheaper in Paris ..
  5. What color lizard?:flowers:
  6. Thanks Lilach!:flowers: I was wondering about the specs myself. For a little pouchette, it can actually hold a good number of essentials:yes: .
  7. The one they had in Troy NM was black evergrain w/palladium and was $3,300.00. This was about a month or so ago....HTH, Kou....
  8. $3.3K? That's a really good deal!!!:nuts:

    Wait, did I just say 3.3K is a good deal? This is bad ... :Push:
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  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. And to think that 2 years ago I would fret over any bags that cost over $100 ... What happened to me?:wtf:
  11. too, Kou. I used to go into spasms with just the THOUGHT of an LV bag. Now, if I see an Hermes bag for less than $5K I think it's a bargain!!!!
  12. Vert anis :yahoo: :yahoo:

    It was love at first sight ! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    But expensive for an evening bag :yucky:
    Anyway, I had to have it even though its small and I wont get to use it that often :supacool:
  13. This was SOOOO me!!!
  14. they make it in the red lizard? i bet it's expensive!
  15. yes they do either you are lucky to find on off the shelf or order one