Kelly Pochette Reveal!

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  1. Anyone up for a reveal? :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. Front row!!!!
  3. I wanna see!!!
  4. Here
  5. Here!!
  6. yes please! :tup:
  7. Guesses? :sneaky:
  8. Here!!!
  9. Here she is!
    My croc Kelly Pochette in Rouge H and GHW!
    I'm in love :love::love::love:

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  10. holy moses what a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!
  11. Thank you! Let's rock the croc ;)
  12. Pretty! Love the color. Congrats!

    Did your SA tell you how to take care of the croc skin? I have it in different style but recently notice there are finger prints (maybe grease...I don't know) that I could not wipe the finger prints off with clothes. Pls let me know if your SA gave you some advice on how to take care of the skin. TIA
  13. This is a stunner!! :loveeyes: Congrats!! :woohoo::woohoo:
  14. Beautiful! Congrats! I know you'll really enjoy carrying it.
  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart nearly stopped!
    May i ask you how much did you pay for it? Its a dream 😍😻