Kelly Pochette for gift, black or gold - both as versatile?

  1. Hi everyone,

    After finding this pic of the Kelly pochette in gold, I thought it was really nice.


    I've been all set to buy the black pochette as a present for a woman and hoped it would be versatile and appropriate for everyday use (and she dresses casually, wearing Ralph Lauren/Polo, etc.). I'm wondering if you ladies think the gold and black are about equal as far as versatility and coordinating with outfits. I personally prefer the gold, but I don't know how I'd find it, and I need this for Xmas (don't want to take a chance on a waiting list). My local NM has the black KP, so I'm hoping that's just as good. If you do recommend the gold, any ideas on how I could get one? So far I've talked to 3-4 H stores, and they only have orange.

    Thanks so much for your opinions.

  2. although i love gold, i like black on KP more. But they are both very versatile, the gold is slightly less formal and vice versa with black. The leather choice also has impact on this
  3. i would use a kp as an evening bag so i would prefer black. actually orange would be such a great pop of color against black evening wear.

    my vote is black or orange. the gold is gorgeous but a bit too casual especially with the white contrast stitching. daytime clutch for sure.
  4. re-read your other post and seems like you are looking for everyday bag for this woman. i'm not sure the kp is an everyday bag. does she carry a lot in her current everyday bag? the kp might not be able to fit all that she requires. maybe you should see what she carries as an everyday bag and then see if the kp would be a good choice. i personally would carry the kp as an evening/going out bag.