Kelly Pochette availabilty?

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  1. I would love to get 3 Kelly Pochettes, and I'm pretty set on the color and kind of leather/hardware that I want. What kind of stock is there in the shops? Is there a wait list? How long do you think it would take for me to get them? Do you think I can walk in and get on it?

    I've never bought from Hermes before, although a guy friend of mine has bought a few bespoke suits there. Do you think he should call his SA and introduce me? Does that change my odds?

    I've wanted them for a while, but I've only just gotten up the nerve! Thanks in advance for any information or advice...:smile::love:
  2. The Wall St. store had several in December and I remember reading here on the forum about someone who got hers at that store very recently. I've also seen them in croc at the Riverside store. They pop up now and then. There were so many at Paris FSH right before Christmas, perhaps for the party season?
    An introduction is always good, in my opinion.
  3. Goldfishnyc, I see the KPs everywhere. Depends upon what you want. To be honest, most of the ones I see are exotics. Regular hides are more infrequently on the shelves.
  4. Definitely use a friend's introduction. If you're flexible on your leather selection you should not have much trouble finding KPs.
  5. Goldfishnyc – Amkur posted the inventory at the Wall Street store yesterday. She said they had two Kelly pochettes: chocolate swift w/PH and orange veau doblis w/PH. Are these on your wish list by any chance?

    I think Kelly pochette availability is greater in NY. My local H store in London (Royal Exchange) only received two this year.

    And yes, I would definitely have your friend introduce you to his SA.
  6. I have seen a bunch of exotic KPs on the shelf.