Kelly pics..rigide vs. souple

  1. I would love to see a Kelly souple and rigide side-by-side so I could see the difference in construction....does anyone have pictures of the two that can be posted? :heart:
  2. Shopmom, look in the information thread...the sticky. They are all in there. I will see if I can cut and paste it up for you. The ridige is more pointed/box like on the sides/base of the bag. The all over lines are more defined. The souple just flows all around. Let me see what I can do...I am not the fastest at this.
  3. Thank you Kellybag! Don't go to that trouble 'cause I think I can get a real good idea from the info sticky's....I didn't think of that! :smile:
  4. No kids just called and I had to walk away...let me know if you need them and I will do it.