Kelly Osbourne

  1. Congrats to her and I hope it works out. I'm a year younger than her and I would never seriously date an 18 year old boy...At this age the gap seems much bigger as far as maturity.
  2. congrats!!! Wow, very young.
  3. I love Kelly but I can't see this happening.
  4. [​IMG]

    he looks really young... he looks like a young ethan hawk???
  5. ^ Omg he does. Not really loving her hair, but she's looking good. She looks just like her "mum" :amuse:
  6. Wow! This is news. I hope they are happy for many years to come!
  7. Omg, he looks like he's 16! Creepy!
  8. He's super young!! and I wish she would grow her hair out
  9. [​IMG]

    I saw this picture around and I was like omg... he's so cute. Like... my 15 year old brother cute!
  10. she looks great
  11. Well congrats to them, I hope it works out! I can't stand when she wears the super-duper heavy eye makeup all the time and bright lipstick, the toned down look suits her well
  12. Oh dear.................
  13. He's only 18? Oy... Kelly looks so pretty lately. :yes:
  14. Good for her! :tup:
  15. Not too optimistic about this one, but she looks really great.