Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese - long rant

  1. Was accidentally watching this last night.

    The eps aired showed Kelly spent a day at a Japanese temple to meditate. She's supposed to dress in nun's garb (that's part of the tradition), but she laughed, complained and finally got permission to wear her own clothes. She also complained when she was asked to trace Buddha picture in a blank paper (a form of meditation), saying it's not like what she imagined a nun would do and other unkind words.

    Next she went to religious doll-burning ceremony, where people burned their cherished, valuable dolls that stayed in family for years to get good luck and happiness (so it's kinda sacrifice). She bought a pink haired Barbie-like doll, made the hair pouffy, stripped it naked and handed it as her 'sacrifice'. I wonder what kind of blessing she would get in return.

    During the whole show, I found her -while supposedly trying to turn Japanese- to be disrespectful with Japanese tradition. She complained a lot, especially when something does not conform to her logic, whithout trying first to understand the Japanese logic of it. She also treated lots of tradition as a joke, without understanding the meaning of it.
    Am not a Japanese, but she irked me BIG TIME :tdown:

    Anyone watches this show?
  2. no, but i want to see this!
  3. I've seen of clips of this on Youtube and wrote it off pretty quickly. Having lived in Japan it just irks me when she fires up more yobs and wankers to head into Japan and make the rest of there look like fools. :yucky:
  4. Oh, god. Yeah, that's cool; Go to another country & make fun of their culture.... :rolleyes: Seriously? That is so lame of her. I hadn't heard anything about this until now.
  5. I think I watched an episode a half a year ago or something. Obviously, I was outrageously bored.

    She annoys me like the rest of them. Just go away already.
  6. first of all, it's stupid to show a program about someone who's not japanese to turn japanese...
  7. I don't think the show's about Kelly turning Japanese. It's just about her being in Japan.
    Turning Japanese is the title of an '80s song by a band called The Vapours.
  8. Yeah, but we don't need to see Kelly going over there to talk about how odd everything is over there.
  9. what is the name of the show? turning japanese?
  10. the title of the show is "Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese".
  11. oh man now I want to watch this. But I'll probably get all pissed and fired up
  12. I see these posts are old, is this train wreck on? Gawd I hate this girl. She is the saddest excuse for human life.
  13. wow that is a completely offensive way to go about things
  14. Wow, so disrespectful!
  15. spoiled brat lol