kelly or dalvy

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  1. hi,
    i had post the thread regarding herbag and dalvy, and i choose hermes dalvy in natural color.

    Now, i'm thinking to get the kelly instead, but dalvy bag is classic yet hard to find.

    so what do you guys think, should i save more money and get the second hand kelly, or get the hermes dalvy in natural color, instead...............:confused1::confused1::confused1::shrugs::shrugs:

  2. DEFINATELY KELLY:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. I would get the Dalvy now and the Kelly later because the Dalvy is so hard to get.
  4. I agree with Madam Bijoux...if you have a chance to get a Dalvy now, I'd say go for it. Especially if you like the idea of an under the radar bag.

    I'm a HUGE Kelly fan, so you can't go wrong saving for that too!
  5. If money is an issue where if you save a little bit more, your dream Kelly will come true sooner, then, my choice would be the latter. Dalvy indeed is hard to find even in a second-hand market.

    A Retourne Kelly can be both casual and formal which you can't w/Dalvy. If you can find a second-hand Kelly which comes w/strap, clochette and lock; all in nice condition, all the more a Kelly. Dalvy can still be made casual depending on your ensemble but the interior fittings and spacing of Kelly is better.

    Otherwise, if money is not an issue and you're not in the urgent 'want' of a Hermes bag, then, get the Dalvy now and Kelly later.
  6. Kelly for me. Just love it
  7. this is the pic of the dalvy bag in natural color

    Attached Files:

  8. Kelly. Dalvy looks very formal...
  9. My vote goes for Kelly!
  10. Kelly kelly kelly no contest

    p.s kelly!!!!!!
  11. How about getting both? :graucho:
    If you need to choose just one, go Kelly!
  12. Kelly.

    No question.
  13. kelly wins my vote...

  14. Birkel, quit being indecisive and speak your mind! :hugs::lolots:

    I think the Dalvy is swell. Kelly is more swell!
  15. thank you so much for all your support, i was going to get the dalvy, but my heart on kelly, so if i get the dalvy just because it rare (nice too) i'm still looking for the kelly. so rather than spend money now on dalvy i will be waiting/save little more and get the it bag/