kelly or birkin?

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  1. i AM going to buy one soon. i am really in a quandry as to which i want to purchase.

    what are your favorites and why? please include size and any recommendations. i am petite, 5 ft 2.5 105lbs.
  2. I'm a Kelly girl through and through, although I'd love to have a Birkin too. I prefer Kelly because I like my bags to look more classic and dressy. It really depends on your lifestyle and preference. Birkin is more casual while Kelly is a dressier bag. In terms of height, I've seen petite ladies carrying big bags and small bags so once again it's a personal preference.
  3. I would get a Birkin, I prefer the style no other reason than that.
  4. i love them both and used to wear them both to all occasions. and frankly these bags can not be compared in what is better or not they are both beautiful in their own and the rest is personal preferance and the most important question is. "what do you like?"
  5. I'd recommend a 28cm Kelly IF you don't carry tons of stuff and you like a smaller size handbag. If you like a bigger look and carry everything but the kitchen sink, then a 32cm souple Kelly OR a 30cm Birkin would fit your frame and not look overwhelming. The style is simply your own first Hermes bag was a Kelly and I bought two more and a Bolide before buying my Birkin. For me, it was the perfect introduction to the world of Hermes!!!!! I'm so glad I did it that way.....
  6. you ladies are great! i love this board. my style is preppy but with a little funkiness. i like the classics but i love to throw a splash in as well. i mean i love the way the birkin looks on most but i am wondering it it is for me. but.... my friend got a small kelly i think it is smaller than the 28, he husband got it in europe it would be perfect for me but,i do tend to put morethan i should in my bags so although i love the look of the smaller kelly the birkin may be better but again i am not sure
    i do however know what color. i like the blue jean and the camel ( not sure if that is what it is called)
  7. it is smaller, 25 or 23cm, foot note to my previous post about my friends purse
  8. I really think it's all preference. I think a kelly is timeless - and I do like the shoulder strap option. The birkin will be my work bag.

    I think a souple kelly in blue jean or camel would be preppy with a little funkiness (especially with silver h/w).
  9. You really can't go wrong with either style - however, that said, the birkin IMO is great as an open tote - easy to get in and out of (of course you can close it) and I am 5'2" and love the 30cm size! One of the best part of Hermes bags are their colors, which can put the "funk" in there for you! The brights are beautiful -- the kellys are also great, the 28 might be a little small if you carry a lot -- you can always add the "funk" in a kelly too by getting and ostrich!! Oh we go lol!!! Check out e-bay for colors and sizes, and look through the past posts for comparisons... and WELCOME!
  10. I'm a Kelly girl too. Well, I don't have one yet but someday. :P But I love the Birkin too. I don't think you could go wrong with either. :smile:
  11. I love the 35cm Kelly...rigide or supple. I am 5'3" and I have a medium frame so it's not overwhelming to me, it makes a statement!!
  12. I love both, but for very different reasons. Both make a statement- both are stunning. But the Birkin to me is more of a everyday bag, is a bit more casual than the Kelly. The Kelly is the timeless elegant bag that can take you from day into evening. Both are timeless in my opinion, which is why I want both!!!
  13. Exactly this advice from me, too!:yes:
  14. Welcome!!!
    Believe me, if you hang around here for any length of time you will go crazy wanting BOTH!!
    Good luck finding your dream bag - get the one that really speaks to your heart and if you're able, get the other in a few years.
  15. Gabrielle...welcome, welcome, welcome!

    It is all personal preference. If you can make a few attempts into your local Hermes maybe here and there you will get to see some bags and try them out. I feel you will know in time which is best for you.
    You will also learn alot on the forum, so take it all in. It is alot of work, but rewarding when you land that dream bag!