kelly or Birkin...

  1. Hi there

    I am totally new at this. Do not own a hermes but I am considering purchasing one.where do I start?

    I am a little nervous going to the Hermes boutique and looking / sounding like an idiot?

    I am considering a BLACK Bag. But which one should I get? Do I need to place an order? what is the price range?

    Please help? I am dying to buy a hermes. Thanks ladies.
  2. by the way I am 5ft 1" - which size do you recommend?
  3. for birkin, i'd get a 30 cm and for kelly, a 28 cm. as for price, it depends on the bag's makeup. and for placing orders, that's usually a crapshot, depends on the SA. good luck!
  4. I personally prefer the Birkin- the Kelly is more of a formal bag. I think a Kelly is about $5K and a Birkin is about $7K. Of course, this is excluding the exotics (croc, ostrich, lizard, etc., which will cost at least $10K, croc easily over $20K) I keep hearing conflicting reports on how long the wait is, anywheere from 6 months to 2 years or more. Of course, if you're a celebrity or spend a ton of money in Hermes you'll be able to get it a lot faster.
  5. You should go to Hermes and speak with a SA. Tell them you are interested in purchasing a bag and would like to learn more about your choices. The store probably will not have a Birkin readily available (although you never know) to show you but they might have a Kelly and you could look at some of the other bags to get a better idea about how the different colors and leathers look. You could also ask to see the leather book.

    As far as Birkin v. Kelly, it is all a matter of preference. I like the Kelly more than the Birkin but many people prefer the Birkin. For opinions about the size have a look at these two threads:



    Good luck!! I hope you find a bag you love very soon:flowers:
  6. There is a ton of info on this Hermes thread to read through, and another great place to search and look is e-bay. Some of us have had great luck, but I would recommend if interested, posting links here to have other people give their opinion as there are a lot of fakes on there!

  7. I agree with all the other ladies. They give great advice.:heart: One suggestion I would have if you want to avoid feeling self-conscious/uncomfortable is to really take the time to peruse the different threads here. The ladies on here really know the ins and outs of the world of Hermes and they have created stickies that show colors how to pronounce various terms, and the like
    As far as choosing between which bag, I think the kelly will be easier to get first. My bag cost $6,000 and they range from $5,550 on up to tens of thousands.

    Good luck finding the bag of your dreams.
  8. A wealth of knowledge is here on the forum. Try and take a few days to read through much of it. You will defitnitely learn and feel more prepared to enter Hermes. When you are done reading post any questions yo have. Your quest has just begun!
  9. Welcome! Read as much as you can and educate yourself before you go to the store. The SA's love to help but also REALLY appreciate someone who has taken the time to do her homework.

    If you're only going to have one Hermes, I suggest a classic black Kelly. But, it's extremely hard to stop at one!
    Good luck!
  10. There are other styles besides birkin and kelly as well. There are plum, bolide, trim, evelyne, paris-bombay, etc etc. You should go to a Hermes store to chat with a SA and take a look at the styles, colors, leather, hardwares, prices, and so on.

    I'm the same height as you, and for birkin, I prefer the 30cm size. I also have a kelly, and it's a 32cm size. A 32cm kelly is not that much of a difference from a 30cm birkin, just a tad bigger imo.

    I use my fuchsia kelly as an everyday bag, I wear lotsa jeans and it matches perfectly. I do think that a black kelly will look a bit more formal though.

    I agree with everyone, there are LOTS of info in this board available to read. Start with those sticky threads at the top..

    And welcome to this board, the ladies here (especially those that frequent this room) are exceptional!
  11. Welcome to the board and wonderful world fof Hermes.

    I agree with everyone that there's a wealth of information on this board on Hermes bags and in due time you will learn about what fits your personality best.

    I suggest to also just simply go to the store and ask for information. Don't be shy and just be yourself and explain your bag wishes!

  12. Thanks to all for the valuable information. I really appreciate it. I have already done so much reading. Greentea, I think I will take your advice and try and find a classic black Kelly. Wish me luck!
  13. Keep us posted, Cocochick!
  14. Cocochick...I agree a classic black Kelly or even a gold Kelly is a fine beginning to a collection!
  15. I love that Hermes does such wonderful colors though - the hard part is you get one color, and then want another, and another, and another!!!