kelly or birkin?

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  1. could you guys pls advise me on the advantages/disadvantages of the kelly and the birkin?

    it would really help me ascertain which bag i'm suited to.

  2. I am properly not the best to answer that, but my opinion is that Kelly is a bit more lady-like bag, which suits evening wear better (especially if it is the 28) than the Birkin, which I find is more for day us. OF COURSE these are not rules by far, only personal observations!! I would use the Birkin when I shop, have lunch and perhaps even dinner, where I would use the Kelly if I had some more formal function.

    My mom on the other hand uses her Kelly for everyday though, when she goes to work, out to dinner, going shopping ect.
  3. Kelly: Advantages: has shoulder strap, one can buy a messenger strap for it, smart and casual. Disadvantage: Has to be carried 'closed'.

    Birkin: Advantage: can be carried open, tote. Disadvantages: No shoulder strap, can get heavy
  4. I'm always going into my bag for something and the Kelly is more difficult to open and close - especially box. The Birkin is more functional for me - very easy to retrieve things from.

    I tend to think of the Birkin as more sporty and the Kelly as dressy, but it all depends on the size, type of leather and color. Really, anything goes now - croc with jeans is fine.
  5. Birkin: pants
    Kelly: skirts, dresses
    (this is an oversimplification, clearly...)
  6. If you like larger bags, or if you tend to carry alot, you will like the Birkin better. My 30 cm Birkin holds way more than my 32 cm Kelly. I think that both bags can be dressed up and down. When all is said and done the bags are the best bags made and the quality is what shines through.
  7. Rose - very succinct ! may I say!!

    I had a Coach handbag years ago that was made in the inspiration of the Kelly, and yes that is exactly how it is, it came with a strap and everything. It was quite ladylike. This was circa-1996.
  8. I have to agree with this statement 100%. Seldom do I carry my Kelly for a day out especially shopping. It is a too time consuming to get in and out of. I always feel rushed because there is always someone waiting in line behind me. Ms. Kelley has now been reserved for dining out or special occasions. My Birkin no problem using as an everyday handbag easy and functional.
  9. I agree that the Kelly is dressier than the Birkin. You can "dress down" a Kelly by getting it in a slouchy leather like Clemence. A 32 cm Kelly in gold clemence looks much less dressy than a 28 cm Kelly in black box leather.

    Another difference between the two: to my eyes, anyway, a kelly looks much better in box calf or chamonix than a Birkin does; Birkins look great in the textured leathers (altho, as stated above, this is also a way to dress down a Kelly). Both look great in croc! They are both great bags and they serve difference purposes!
  10. I love both, though I'm not nearly as much of an expert as the wonderful ladies on this board who actually OWN the bags,... but it seems to me that the Kelly is a "ladies who lunch" or evening bag, but the Birkin is a great everyday bag. I think the Kelly in a larger size like a 35 would make a great work bag (:heart::heart::heart: saw one in the Chicago H last week that was perfect for me! siiiigh!) as well. Personally, I don't view Kellys or Birkins as either-ors, just as a matter of which one you get first. :p
  11. Rose hit all the points I was going to make! Great minds think alike!!

  12. I'm a huge Kelly fan! It's so simple and classy at the same time! I prefer 35cm souple as it can carry everything I need. Probably the best bag ever invented.. Disadvantage: you have to keep it closed
    Birkin.. Well it is a fantastic bag also. If I would have only one, I would maybe go for the Birkin. When closed, it looks pretty and more conservative, when open it is the most useful bag there is! It can carry so much and still keeps you looking effortlessly chic! A big birkin doesn't however look that good in formal occasions.
  13. I agree with other posters. In my opinion, the kelly is more elegant and classsic, but harder to use for every day (as you must close it to carry it). So, if you want a special occasion bag (dinners, evenings out) get a smallish kelly. If you want an everyday bag, get a 35 birkin. I carry mine every day and can fit a change of shoes, laptop, bottle of water, etc., etc.
  14. ^I also agree. For shopping, the Birkin is more functional. I'll wear my Kelly to work, dinner, any day where I don't feel like I need to be in and out of my purse much! I do feel the Birkin is more casual, while the Kelly is dressy (though I will still wear her w/jeans)