Kelly or Birkin as overnight bag?

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  1. Still undecided about my workhorse (see signature...).
    At first I thought a LV Neverfull was perfect for me, but now I'm having second thoughts, as I really want to add a Birkin or another Kelly to my collection.
    Could you 35 Birkin or Kelly as an overnight bag? Just to keep your pj, slippers and toilette trousse.
    Or eventually a 32 or 36 HAC?
    I'm wondering if they're too heavy when filled, I hate heavy bags. Maybe a toile combo could make them lighter?
  2. I have done so with my 32 barenia HAC, but I can be a very light packer.
  3. I'd just need it to be a overnight bag 2 - 3 times a year, when I go to my sister's who lives far away (well, 300 km for you US gals are nothing!:P) Or for weekends out with DH.
    so I basically only need my pj, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste and facial cream.
  4. i think the 35 kelly is not enough, i'm a light packer. but the 35 birkin seems ok
  5. The Birkin could work if you don't mind not being able to close it when full - I'm sure your PJs are very chic and elegant, though - so that's not a problem!

    I have used my Birkin as cabin baggage on a long haul flight and had it pretty well stuffed - it is heavy though, when you add a book and washbag etc.
  6. have definitely used a 35 birkin as overnight back to nyc a few times. easy unless you need a new set of footwear. makeup/potions, undies, pj's, blouse, blazer were tucked in mine. love packing light, so liberating. i don't think a kelly 35 would work- not enough width at the top and it really cant be worn open without flooping.
  7. Yup I would say a 35 Birkin would be fine. It's surprisingly roomy. Especially left open- would not be a problem at all. My 32 HAC holds less than my birkin and then 35 Kelly in that order, mainly due to the shape when closed making less room.
  8. Hi Margy1 - I would recommend a 40 kelly with strap. It has capacity enough and a shoulder strap because either a kelly or a birkin will get heavy when packed. A 40 cm birkin is overnight sized but too heavy. A 35 kelly or 35 birkin would not work for me overnight. I say this after experimenting with 50 birkin and 40 birkin - too heavy. 35 kelly is too small, altho roomy for a day bag. You will find a 40 kelly useful for handbag for airplane, too! I see the 40s on ebay here and there - be sure to get one with a strap or that will defeat the purpose of the kelly.
  9. my birkin 40 cm does this for me and im a bit of an over packer but the 35cm is very spacious and yes it does work in this sense so id go for a birkin classic color and so use full so go for this !!! bag you wont regret it
  10. I am a very light, efficient packer, but I think a 35 Birkin would be really tough, especially in the winter season. A 40--Kelly or Birkin--would be much easier for this purpose. And any way you slice it, Birkins are heavy bags.
  11. have to agree with pepper they are very heavy bags so do take this into acount !
  12. A 35 should be quite fine for an overnight bag.....pj's, shawl, toilette case.....with enough room for a little more, I should think.

    Anything bigger than a 35cm might get a bit heavy......
  13. I agree with Pepper. I´m a light packer (most of the times) but my 35 Birkin won´t cut it.
  14. ... and I am an over packer... so I'll tiptoe off....
  15. Ok, I think a Birkin would too heavy as a night bag or travel bag for me! Let's keep it for a nice evening out or a shopping day!
    thank you for your advices
    HBird: a 50 Birkin? It would look like a suitcase on me! thank you for your suggestion for a 40 Kelly