Kelly on Sloane Street

  1. I spotted a gold(?) 40cm Kelly in London, Sloane Street. It was there today, and in a glass cabinet. Someone buy it already!!!
  2. Posts like this should go in Hermes Shopping >> "Inventory - what have you seen?" People who are in the market are more likely to find it useful there. :smile:
  3. Wow, I have never sucessfully spotted a "H" bag in London...( in a store except for a small navy Constance)
  4. There was a Ebene (not sure if that is the right spelling) 32cm Kelly in Sloane Street about a month ago. I think it is quite easy to get a Kelly in London, just impossible to get a Birkin.:yes:
  5. ^gina_b: sorry, I don't usually post in the Hermes forum...only roam for pics and stuff...but felt that it would be nice to let y'all know that it was available... =)