Kelly- on or across shoulder?

  1. Kelly Lovers - do you find yourself using the strap on your shoulder or across your shoulder messenger style? What size is best for this 28cm or 32cm? Any pics you can share?

    This is the deal...i LOVE my birkins but i need some more H additions that are hands free...already searching for my lindy but also thinking about the kelly since its so stunning and an absolute classic. What i like is also the fact that it can be worn with or without the strap.

    I tend to prefer the rigide look but not sure how this looks strapped across the this totally tacky to wear the kelly this way? I was thinking it might actually be pretty cool and different:s

    Please help! :flowers:
  2. I don´t think it´s tacky at all!
  3. Get a canvas strap, LUXCHIC and then you can wear it messanger style too! I love using my black kelly this are two pics. The first one is with my vintage 28cm kelly and the second is with a 32cm black box kelly (these are old pics and I no longer own these beauties). HTH's!!!!
    canvaskelly1.jpg canvaskelly2a.jpg
  4. I have recently seen a Kelly Lakis in my local boutique in box calf and toile 32cm I believe. What do you think? It is much pricey then the normal kelly!
  5. Exactly like S´mom is wearing them, classy and fun!
  6. I have an 32 orange swift kelly and I love wearing it messanger style. I wish the strap was a little longer though.
  7. I love this look!! :heart:

  8. Thanks everyone:biggrin:. S'Mom these pictures are perfect!! exactly what i was looking for thx!!

    Is the regular leather strap too short to wear messenger style? or do you think the canvas gives it a more relaxed look?
  9. I love that canvas strap. Do they sell it in the shops? Although the leather strap does work for across the body, I find that it is a little short. Do they sell a longer leather strap?
  10. I wear it both ways, although on the shoulder more often, and I love the look of both. Tell you what, the kelly is perfect if you need your hands free. I especially love it when I take my kelly for travelling, the strap is a god send!
    Mine is a 32 cm, and my personal opinion is I love this size. Not too big for everyday use, not too small for travelling. Not to mention that mine is a cdc, don't have to worry about scratches, so easy to use.
  11. This photo courtesy of Seton an a recent thread is an inspiring image. It's a 35cm rigid Kelly - I'm sure it would look perfect shoulder or messenger style:

  12. WOW! This has me totally rethinking the Kelly! :idea:It looks more up-to-date this way. :tup: Great thread!

  13. I have the same extra canvas strap for my Kelly, invaluable when one needs to go hands free:

  14. look great Rose! what size is your kelly?
  15. LuxChic, it's a 32 cm Togo... great everyday bag... that was a day at the zoo with the kids.