******* Kelly Married? When did that happen?


Aug 20, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
Here's the Wikipedia entry:

Kelly is openly gay,[12][13][14] but in comparing What Not to Wear with the preceding show Queer Eye—which pioneered gay men making over people seen as needing fashion advice—the Washington Blade noted some key differences:[15][16] "nless you have your gaydar on while watching the show, you would have no idea. There's nothing 'gay' about the show and he doesn't really talk about it on air. Viewers trust Kelly's expertise based on the strength of his choices rather than on the 'he's gay and he should know' fashion theory."[15] Kelly's wedding to his partner is planned for 2009 at their home in Connecticut.[17]


mom2 12paws
Oct 6, 2007
So. Florida
Were you watching that Miss America special too? I noticed he said he was married when one of the girls answered a question about marriage or something.
Yeah, I was watching the Miss America behind the scene program and when he said it, I was confused. I didn't know what states were acknowledging gay marriages because he said "I just got married".

I too love *******, my mother sent me a picture of her with him while he was doing that Macy's tour.


Mar 22, 2007
I noticed the wedding band 2 weeks ago on WNTW and then immediately went searching for pics of his partner. I am excited that he has married his longtime partner :smile: